Our partnership experts walk you through their latest findings.
It's like a keynote talk at a conference — all without the whole "getting on an airplane" thing.


4 Easy Account Mapping Wins

The market is down. Funding is hard to come by. The pressure is on for partnership professionals to demonstrate value. You don’t have time to mess around, it’s time to get to work.


The State of the Partner Ecosystem 2022

Join Crossbeam CEO Bob Moore and Director of Content Sean Blanda as they unveil the key takeaways from the 2022 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report, including common salaries and KPIs.


Tech Ecosystem Maturity: How to Co-Sell Like a Supernode

In this session, we’ll share co-selling learnings from conducting hundreds of Tech Ecosystem Maturity Diagnostics. We’ll cover how to level up where you are, examples from successful co-selling workflows, and some bonus insights for other partnership motions.