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While other companies may view partnerships as a means to an end or a cost of doing business, at Crossbeam it’s different. Partnerships are in our DNA — it’s why we created our category-defining partner ecosystem platform.

So when we tell you that we’re building a vibrant ecosystem of service, technology, and referral partners — you know we’re serious.

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Technology Partners

What if your tech platform had access to a whole new class of data? What if that data showed how your users’ prospects and customers overlap with those of their partners? What if you could infuse that data into your core products seamlessly?

Our technology partners integrate with our APIs to access this treasure trove of insights, unlocking new workflows, actions, deliverables, metrics, and use cases. With a single integration you can add the Partner Manager persona to your addressable market. Hello, ROI.

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Our team is happy to provide an overview of program benefits, how to integrate using our APIs, and the many ways we use technology — including our own product — to co-sell, co-market, and drive growth of your partner ecosystem.

Featured Technology Partners:

Solution Partners

Crossbeam works closely with our Solution Partners by identifying overlapping prospects, co-marketing, co-selling, and referring leads when services are needed to support a customer deploying Crossbeam.

Our Solution Partners offer strategy, implementation, and consulting services related to Crossbeam’s platform. They include system integrators, agency partners, VARs, consultancies and other organizations who sell services that allow our users to extract more value from our platform. Areas of expertise can include partner program development, sales ops, analytics, scaling co-selling processes, and more.

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Referral Partners

Crossbeam works with a variety of Referral Partners who believe in our mission of creating a more connected business world by powering the exchange of data between companies.

We offer a competitive referral commission to qualified partners who refer certain kinds of new paid licenses of Crossbeam. These Referral Partners include influencers, community managers, educators, and others.

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