Crossbeam for Tech Partnerships

An Ecosystem Where Everyone Wins

Build a data-driven tech partner ecosystem with Crossbeam. Then scale it, drive revenue, measure success, and repeat.

Why Tech Partnership Leaders use Crossbeam

Tech Partners Are The New Sales Channel

Tech partnerships are evolving beyond integrations. Leading tech companies around the globe are joining forces with their tech partners to map accounts, co-sell, and grow together with Crossbeam. Don’t get left behind.

Picking Winners
Not all partners have the same potential, and not all collaborations will succeed. The difference is in the data, and Crossbeam unlocks visibility into your strongest partners and how they compare to the rest.

Use Crossbeam to scale a world-class tech partner program.

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Network Effects

Your partners are already here. Tap into the largest B2B network graph ever created and see who is already online and ready to connect. Easy onboarding and a powerful free tier mean every one of your partners can join the party in minutes.

Easy and Secure Sharing

Forget over-sharing and slogging through spreadsheets. Instantly account map with partners to find the data that matters. All while keeping the rest of your data private and secure.

Making Partner Teams Scale

Supercharge your company’s partner managers and go-to-market teams with real time partner data. Collaborate with the strongest partners on the hottest deals without wasting time in spreadsheets.

“After embracing the Partner Cloud we’ve seen a 30% increase in customer retention.”
Mike Stocker
Former VP of Strategic Partnerships at RollWorks
“After embracing the Partner Cloud we’ve seen a 30% increase in customer retention.”
Mike Stocker
Former VP of Strategic Partnerships at RollWorks

Prioritizing Integrations

Inform and influence your product roadmap. Evaluate which integrations you should prioritize based on the number of mutual customers you have with partners.

Popular Features for Tech Partnership Leaders

Account Mapping

Trade in your spreadsheets and surface the most promising opportunities in your ecosystem with Crossbeam’s pipeline matching engine.


Keep pace with your partner pipeline. Monitor trends with partners and action ecosystem opportunities with a birds eye view into your revenue engine.


Communicate better with your partners and go-to-market teams. Stay on the same page with threads to collaborate, co-sell, and keep track of tasks.


Stay up to date on accounts and keep things moving by sending notifications where work happens. Makes moves faster with real-time notifications in Slack and Email.


Connect your partner data anywhere. Get your ecosystem engine going with integrations that fuel your go-to-market teams and business outcomes.

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