ELG Con: London

London. 9 July. 75 friends.
Presented by Crossbeam + The ELG Alliance

Finally, an ELG event
you can take the tube to.

Get Cozy.

Smaller is better. We’re strictly limiting attendance to 75 GTM leaders who are ready to share ELG insights with their peers.

Hi, Pavilion.

We’re right before Pavilion’s GTM EMEA. Attendees will receive a 20% off code after registering for ELG Con.

See how the smarties do it.  

Hear how the most successful brands in tech leverage their partner ecosystem to stand out from their peers.

Host Venue

Garden Museum

5 Lambeth Palace Rd


July 9th

8:00 AM

Registration + Barista Bar Open

Hello and welcome. Have your confirmation email ready for a smooth arrival. Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and settle in.

9:00 AM

Welcome to ELG Con London

Dimitar Stanimiroff, VP and GM EMEA, Crossbeam

Let’s set our intentions.

9:10 AM

The State of ELG

Bob Moore, CEO, Crossbeam

Fresh off of his bestselling book, Bob will set the table with a look at the tailwinds you can take advantage of.

9:30 AM

From Predictable Revenue to Ecosystem-Led Growth: The Future of SaaS

Aaron Ross, Author, Predictable Revenue in conversation with Bob Moore, CEO of Crossbeam

10:00 AM

Barista Break

Get your Caffeine fix in…freshly made English biscuits are served.

10:30 AM

Lessons from a Seasoned ELG Leader: Driving GTM Efficiency in 2024

Catherine Brodigan, Head of Partner Sales, Supermetrics

11:00 AM

From Prospecting to Expansion: ELG Lessons from Stripe

Pete Cummings, Head of Partner Ecosystem EMEA, Stripe

11:30 AM

Leveraging Data to enhance Ecosystem-Led Growth

Tony Harbour, Head of Technology Partners EMEA, Procore

12:00 PM


Break bread before you break your revenue goals.

1:00 PM

ELG – Delivering Return on Investment, Return on Time and Return on Sanity!

Gillian Topping, Director, Global API and Alliances, Mimecast

1:35 PM

The Role of ELG in Moving from “Growth at All Cost” to “Profitable and Efficient Growth”

Guy Rubin, CEO Ebsta

Tom Glason, CEO, ScaleWise

Sam Jacobs, CEO, Pavilion

2:10 PM

A Look Forward

Alex Poulos, CMO, Crossbeam

2:20 PM

Account Mapping the Future of ELG

Simon Bouchez, COO and Co-founder, Crossbeam

Bob Moore, CEO and Co-founder, Crossbeam

3:00 PM

Social Hour in the Garden

Toast new friends, your ELG learnings, and all in time to attend Pavilion’s GTM EMEA opening party, just a short walk away.


Aaron Ross

Author of “Predictable Revenue”

Aaron Ross helps CEOs and leaders craft books that make millions. He is the author of “Predictable Revenue” and “From Impossible To Inevitable” (with Jason Lemkin), called the Sales Bibles of Silicon Valley. His newest books, due in 2024, are “Income Operating System: Win Financial Freedom, Earn Like The 1%” and “Eat Shit & Grow”. Aaron is married with 10 children (half through adoption), and lives in Scotland. He can be found on LinkedIn and at www.Aaron-Ross.co.

Pete Cummings

Head of EMEA Partner Ecosystem, Stripe

Pete has led the EMEA Partner Ecosystem for Stripe since Dec 2021, focusing on building the best ecosystem experience across technology, embedded payments and services partners to delight Stripe’s users. Prior to Stripe, Pete spent 9 years at Adobe where he led the EMEA, APAC and Japan partner business, working with global and regional partners to drive transformative digital experiences for market-leading organizations.

Gillian Topping

Director, Global API and Alliances, Mimecast

I am determined and focused to maximize every growth opportunity. During my tenure as a people leader and member of the leadership team, I have been able to build and transform teams, re-design and implement processes, and have been a significant contributor to the strategy and approach of the whole UKI go-to-market function.

Developing top talent is something I am incredibly passionate about. I currently mentor three inspiring young women in the early stages of their careers. I get so much energy from seeing exceptional people develop and grow.

Throughout my career, I am often approached as people see me as a creative problem solver. I am very focused on building results-driven plans and am accountable to the decisions I or my team makes, but am always willing to listen and adapt to maximize outputs. I am open to feedback and learning and development opportunities.

Catherine Brodigan

Head of Partner Sales, Supermetrics

Catherine is Head of Partner Sales at Supermetrics, a leading marketing intelligence platform which powers insights for over 200,000 companies. Before joining Supermetrics, she spent 8 years at Intercom, where she led both tech and solution partner teams, and scaled partner revenue by 300%.

Catherine runs regular community meet-ups and online learning for partnerships professionals, and her work has been cited in “Ecosystem-Led Growth: A Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Success Using the Power of Partnerships”.

Bob Moore

Co-founder and CEO, Crossbeam

Bob Moore is Co-Founder and CEO of Crossbeam, an Ecosystem-Led Growth (ELG) platform that helps companies use their partner ecosystems to generate leads, close deals, and grow faster.

​Moore previously co-founded Stitch (Acquired by Talend in 2018) and RJMetrics (acquired by Adobe by way of Magento Commerce in 2016).

​​Bob serves as a Trustee of The Franklin Institute, and has previously served as the Board Chair of Philly Startup Leaders and Board Member of Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT).

Outside of work, Bob is an improv comedy performer, where he has performed over 100 shows as a member of the Philadelphia-based improv team Big Baby.

Dimitar Stanamiroff

VP and GM of EMEA, Crossbeam

Dimitar is a SaaS founder, operator and angel investor, with a track record of success in leading and scaling technology companies across Europe. He currently serves as Vice President & General Manager EMEA at Crossbeam, the leading Ecosystem-Led Growth (ELG) platform that helps companies increase their deal velocity, ACV, and win rates.

Before joining Crossbeam, Dimitar served as General Manager EMEA at Handshake. In this role, he led the company’s European expansion, driving growth and building strategic partnerships across the region.

Prior to Handshake, Dimitar co-founded Heresy, a fully-automated sales diagnostics and management tool, used by leading SaaS companies such as GoCardless, Trello and Zencargo.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Technology Entrepreneurship from University College London.

Sam Jacobs

CEO, Pavilion

Sam Jacobs is dedicated to helping individuals unlock and achieve their professional potential. He believes that greatness exists within everyone and often just needs the right mechanism to be realized.

To facilitate this, Sam founded Pavilion, a global membership organization designed to support leaders at all levels in their career growth and development.

Pavilion offers a paid membership that provides its members with support, education, and a robust network to enhance their professional performance and skill set.

With over 9,000 members and hubs in major cities worldwide, Pavilion fosters an engaged and supportive community that helps individuals and teams perform better, take the next step in their careers, and expand their professional networks.

To learn more about Pavilion and its mission, visit www.joinpavilion.com.

Guy Rubin

CEO, Ebsta

Guy Rubin is the founder and CEO of Ebsta, the Revenue Intelligence Platform for Salesforce and Hubspot customers.

Guy is passionate about helping B2B sales teams scale their revenue engine. Guy founded Ebsta in 2012 with an aim to score the worlds business relationships.

Today Ebsta delivers real-time forecasting tools and uses engagement trends to benchmark live pipeline against previously close won deals. 

The Ebsta platform is operated by a team of 40 based in London, California and Melbourne who help over 750 companies better understand the trend of engagement with every relationship at every target account.

Tony Harbour

Head of Technology Partnerships, EMEA, Procore

Tony Harbour is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, primarily focused on the UK and EMEA regions. He currently serves as a key leader at Procore Technologies, a global provider of construction management software. In his role, Tony is instrumental in overseeing operations and driving the company’s mission to connect everyone in construction on a unified platform.

His extensive background in the construction sector has equipped him with a deep understanding of industry challenges and opportunities, enabling him to contribute significantly to Procore’s strategic initiatives and growth​ (Procore Investors)​​ (Procore Investors)​.

Tom Glasson

CEO, Scalewise

Tom Glason is a seasoned executive with approximately 20 years of experience in commercial roles within high-growth B2B technology companies. Over the past decade, he has served as a senior go-to-market (GTM) leader in several venture capital-backed SaaS scale-ups, navigating the scaling journey from Series A and beyond. His notable positions include SVP of Sales & Operations at Trussle, SVP of Sales & Marketing at Brightpearl, and Chief Revenue Officer at Goodlord.

As the co-founder and CEO of Scalewise, Tom is dedicated to helping ambitious B2B tech companies scale effectively by avoiding costly GTM hiring mistakes. For more information about Scalewise, visit www.scalewise.com.

Simon Bouchez

COO and Co-founder, Crossbeam

Graduating from Audencia Business School in 2010, Simon began his career at Work4, a company specializing in human resources technology. In 2014, he decided to fully dedicate himself to Multiposting, a company that develops a recruitment solution for businesses, and became its CEO. In 2018, Multiposting was acquired by SAP, and Simon joined SAP as VP of Product Management. In 2019, he co-founded REVEAL with Gautier. 

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