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Discover, close, and expand deals faster

Crossbeam for Sales equips sales leaders, managers, and reps with the tools they need to turn ecosystems into a strategic advantage.

Uncover new leads, accelerate deal cycles, and expand accounts with ease.

for Sales Teams

Ecosystem-led sales, by the numbers.

The sales rules are being rewritten. Cold calls and emails have lost their punch. Intent data has become commoditized. And sellers need to work harder to get deals across the line.

Which is why now is the perfect time to make your ecosystem your competitive advantage. Ecosystem-Led deals give sellers the power to:

Prospect smarter


more likely to close

Close deals faster


shorter sales cycles

Expand strategically


deal sizes

Prospect Smarter

Effective prospecting is the cornerstone of revenue growth and sustaining a competitive edge in the market. So why not give your team a leg up?

  • Uncover better leads
    Crossbeam’s automated account mapping technology helps uncover new leads you didn’t even know existed based on who your partners are already doing business with.
  • Break into accounts easier
    Access a unified view of your existing pipeline alongside your partners’ for targeted account prioritization. Then get warm intros from account owners and partners with just a click of a button.
  • Get alerts for new EQLs
    Get alerts when a partner closes one of your prospects and get connected to those new Ecosystem Qualified Leads and opportunities in one click.

Close Deals Faster

Experience a 50% shorter sales cycle when your ecosystem isn’t just an afterthought but is a core part of your GTM strategy.

  • Find the true decision-makers
    Unlike traditional intent data, Ecosystem Intelligence signals are pre-vetted by partners to help you personalize outreach and identify key contacts like decision-makers and economic buyers.
  • Gather sales process intel
    Use these signals, your partners, and preconfigured co-selling templates to get precious insights into the sales process for target accounts and be 3 steps ahead.
  • Keep deals moving
    Collaborate with partners and leverage co-selling reports automatically sent to Slack to keep tabs on ecosystem momentum and keep communication flowing.

Expand Strategically

Other companies leveraging their ecosystem and co-selling playbooks have seen up to a 2x increase in their annual contract values. That could be you.

  • Dive deeper with existing customers
    See overlapping customer accounts with your partners to uncover new better together stories and account expansion opportunities.
  • Increase your deal size
    The more you know, the better the negotiation. Sharing knowledge with partners gives you an advantage for better terms and encourages broader team involvement for expanding use cases.

Crossbeam Copilot

Access this proprietary Ecosystem Intelligence where you work every day — like Salesforce, HubSpot, Gong, and Chrome — with Crossbeam Copilot.

  • Make researching accounts easier by automatically having partner overlap data handy in your CRM and sales tools
  • Serve up the best contacts ready to buy based on key partner insights and easily add them to your CRM if they’re missing
  • Leverage Ecosystem-Led Growth plays packed with relevant actions reps can take based on contextual insight for every deal
  • Reach out for warm intros and account insight right from within your app

Key Features

Deal Navigator

Curate a view of the best accounts to target based on your partner overlaps and open opportunities or prospects.

Slack Integration

Leverage Slack commands to get deal insights quickly and dive into ways to keep deals moving by communicating directly with partners and account owners.

Personalized Alerts

Use daily and weekly targeted notifications to help engage partner accounts and be notified of new EQLs and relevant target account activity.

Co-selling Templates

Easily gather intel from partner accounts with pre-built and customizable co-selling templates.


Keep communications flowing with partner accounts by leveraging our in-app messaging capabilities.


Measure and track the actions, introductions, deals, and upsells influenced by your partner ecosystem.

Co-Selling Workflows

Configure exactly how you’d like seller requests to be sent to partner accounts and who has access.


Create, save, and favorite target account lists to easily collaborate with SDRs, partner managers, or partners directly.

Exceptional Support

Get up and running quickly with support for each stage of your Ecosystem-Led Growth journey.

Normal outbound is noisy and everyone gets a ton of it. Leveraging partner ecosystem data to understand a prospect’s tech stack and custom tailor your pitch accordingly gives your reps a huge advantage.
Rob Simmons
VP of Sales at LeanData
Normal outbound is noisy and everyone gets a ton of it. Leveraging partner ecosystem data to understand a prospect’s tech stack and custom tailor your pitch accordingly gives your reps a huge advantage.
Rob Simmons
VP of Sales at LeanData
These kinds of conversations give us the intel to avoid hurdles in the sales process. The only people who have that information are the ones who’ve experienced the pain, which are people who have sold products to that organization before.
Sylvain Giuliani
Head of Growth and Operations at Census

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