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Easily target, nurture, and increase conversion rates using Crossbeam. Make co-marketing a breeze with partner insights at every stage of the customer journey.

Why Marketing Leaders Love Crossbeam

A Modern Engine for Qualified Leads 

As cookies fall out of favor and the quality of third-party data continues to drop, it’s important to build new channels for tracking and engaging with prospects at the top of your funnel. Enter Crossbeam’s matching engine, a pipeline generator built on second-party data. Crossbeam maps accounts between partnering organizations, surfacing and prioritizing audiences of qualified marketing targets.

ABM Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

Account Based Marketing is an exercise in using data to segment audiences, target prospects with customized messaging, and offer each prospect a unique marketing experience tailored to them. Now imagine layering in a new avalanche of partner data to inform these segmentations and messages. Using integrations from Crossbeam’s Partner Cloud, your ABM tools can be supercharged with countless new dimensions and optimizations that were never available before. 

Co-Marketing Made Easy

It’s hard enough to co-market with partners — don’t let a lack of data leave you flying blind. Trade in your marketing team’s spreadsheets for account mapping in Crossbeam. We hide your organization’s non-overlapping data, allowing your partnership team to share what matters with each partner. This lets you safely uncover the shared audiences, prospects, or targets that matter in each joint campaign.

Develop a Shared Ideal Customer Profile

Using Crossbeam, you and your partners can study the makeup of your overlapping customers to better understand which companies to target next. The unique characteristics in a shared customer base can be used to segment prospect lists and other data sets down to just the companies that meet your shared criteria, making for more targeted and impactful joint marketing activities.

Popular Features for Marketing Leaders

Account Mapping

Your partnership team will map accounts (leads, opportunities, and customers) against those of your partners. When a match is found, select information is shared to help both companies and their marketers build a more valuable joint relationship with the account.

Standard Populations

Easily establish common ground across partner data. With Standard Populations you can quickly map accounts and streamline pipeline stages.

Data Sharing Controls

Most important marketing and partnering questions can be answered without oversharing. Choose to share summary data, rollup statistics, individual data points, or entire account lists based on your preferences and controls. Customize these settings for each partner and list, or use system-wide defaults to make scaling consistent and easy.

Matching Engine

Crossbeam’s proprietary matching engine ensures that you and your partners can compare data sets with speed and accuracy — regardless of the CRM you use or the way you organize your data.

Partner Cloud

Connect your partner data to the systems you already use to interact with prospects and audiences.. From marketing automation to ABM to ad networks, get your ecosystem engine going with integrations purpose-built for marketing teams.

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