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The Inside Track: How to Accelerate Crossbeam Onboarding for Your Partners

You’re up and running on Crossbeam — and now it’s time for your partners to connect with you and join your account mapping party. Why not make it easy on ‘em? Join Lauren Rosenfeld, Onboarding and Support Manager, and Amanda Groves, Director of Product Marketing, for best practices and resources to streamline Crossbeam onboarding for your partners.

Lauren Rosenfeld

Amanda Groves


You’ll Learn:

Best practices to help you connect with your ecosystem in Crossbeam

Key steps for easy account mapping with partners

Where to find guidance
along the way



Lauren Rosenfeld

Onboarding and Support Manager

Lauren is the Onboarding and Support Manager at Crossbeam, where she guides and advises customers through their onboarding experience. Lauren has more than ten years of experience in customer service and has spent the last five years working at technology startups.


Amanda Groves

Director of Product Marketing at Crossbeam

Amanda Groves is the head of product marketing at Crossbeam where she is responsible for planning, creating, and implementing the overall product marketing strategy. Prior to Crossbeam, Groves has routinely launched products and held marketing leadership roles at startups across industries such as online education, healthcare, and human resources.