crossbeam copilot

Put the power of your ecosystem in the hands of sellers

Access proprietary Ecosystem Intelligence and insights in the tools you work from every day to close bigger deals, faster.


The insights that get deals moving

Crossbeam Copilot gives you the ecosystem insights you need to make more informed decisions about how and when to go after target accounts.

The best part? It’s available as your sidekick in the platforms you work from every day — like Salesforce, HubSpot, Chrome, and Gong — so you can reap the benefits of your partner ecosystem in the exact moments you need it.

Actionable intel and signals at a glance

  • Focus on what’s most important for your accounts with key highlights and actionable insight front and center.
  • Ecosystem Intelligence signals — like win rates and average deal size — help you quickly identify the best partners to give you a warm intro or keep stalled deals moving.

Fast-track deals with key contacts and plays

  • Avoid bad leads with partner-vetted contacts in Copilot. Access enriched contacts with signals like “Decision-maker” and “Economic Buyer” to identify the best ones to reach out to. Then easily add them directly to your CRM.
  • Make every move count. Get actionable plays curated with the next best steps you can take to ensure your opportunities are marked as closed/won.

Turn your ecosystem into your #1 revenue source

Get started in under a minute. Instantly capture insights from your partners. Identify more opportunities. Did we mention it’s free?