Ecosystem is Everything

Crossbeam is the first and largest Ecosystem-Led Growth platform, used by over 29,000 companies to attract, convert, and grow customer relationships using their partner ecosystems.

We Believe in the Power of the Network

Our Platform

The world’s first and most powerful partnership ecosystem platform

Our Mission

To use the power of partner ecosystems to change the way companies grow.

Our Vision

To transform the way all companies partner by building and leading an invaluable new class of software.

Our Values

Our Values

Trust is our Foundation

We create value by building trust in our company, our team, and our technology. That goes in all directions, not just between us and our customers but also amongst our team. We approach conflict with empathy and curiosity, and ascribe best intentions to all of our collaborators.

Work Hard and Smart

We operate as a true startup. We prioritize impact, take personal ownership of outcomes, act decisively, and get our hands dirty in the process. We communicate clearly, avoid over-engineering, and take risks. This allows us to be creative, innovative, and solution-oriented.

Default to Transparency

We will not succeed in information silos. We share the good, bad, and ugly about what is happening in our company, which requires us to pay attention, always measure what matters, and hold each other accountable.


In our workplaces, communities, and ecosystems, we shape environments where people feel a sense of belonging. To do this, we work to ensure that stakeholders of all backgrounds are treated equitably and experience psychological and physical safety. This is key to their relationship with our company, their access to opportunities, and their ability to thrive.

Treasure the Fun

We are incredibly lucky to be here — let’s make memories. We will all spend that extra bit of time and energy to energize each other with fun and inspiring experiences. This applies internally and externally, from the smallest interactions to the largest events.

The Team

Crossbeam was founded in 2018 by Bob Moore and Buck Ryan, experienced entrepreneurs frustrated with the lack of data-driven decisions in the world of partnerships. The team set out to build a new platform that would allow partner companies to put data at the center of their alliances.

In June 2024, Crossbeam merged with Reveal, led by CEO and Co-founder Simon Bouchez. The combined company holds a north star vision of creating a best-of-both-worlds customer experience that includes a single unified data network. This will allow us to drive an innovative roadmap of products for all go-to-market teams that goes above and beyond today’s commoditized world of intent signals and workflows.

Today, we are a remote-first company with over 140 team members across 20+ states and 4 countries, and office footprints in both Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Paris, France.

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