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About Crossbeam

Data has tremendous power to change the way the business world works. SaaS platforms have already dramatically improved the effectiveness of how many areas of business function -- from sales to marketing and customer success. But when companies work together, their data often doesn't. We believe that it's time for a change in how partnerships are done.

Crossbeam is a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships. We act as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners, while keeping the rest of their data private and secure.

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Our Platform

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Our Mission

To create a more connected business world by powering the exchange of data between companies.

Our Vision

To transform the way all companies partner by building and leading an invaluable new class of software.

Our Values

Trust is Our Business: We create value by building trust in our company, our team, our technology, and our network. Never let anything compromise that trust.

Feed the Network: Our customer network is our most valuable asset. Prioritize its growth.

Equity: We will build a workplace that ensures everyone access to the same opportunities to share in our success.

This is Fun: Few people are lucky enough to do what we do. Follow the fun in every step of the journey.


Crossbeam was founded in 2018 by Bob Moore and Buck Ryan, experienced entrepreneurs frustrated with the lack of data-driven decisions in the world of partnerships. The team set out to build a new platform that would allow partner companies to put data at the center of their alliances.

Bob Moore - CEO

Bob is a serial entrepreneur and previously co-founded RJMetrics (acquired by Adobe via Magento Commerce in 2016) and Stitch Data (Acquired by Talend in 2018). Bob moonlights as Board President of Philly Startup Leaders, improv comedy performer at Philly Improv Theater, and Trustee of the Glassboro Education Foundation.

Buck Ryan - CTO

Buck has been building software and launching products for nearly ten years. His previous stints include running a software consultancy, The Buck Codes Here, and working as a Senior Engineer at RJMetrics and Magento. Buck's favorite things in life are his still-growing family, his cello, and learning new things.


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