Greenfield Sharing and Reporting

A new lead source to fuel pipeline generation

The next generation of prospecting is here. Identify, exchange and pursue leads that are not yet in your database, but highly relevant to your business.

for GTM Teams

Fuel your funnel with partner-sourced leads

Unlock new territories, industries, and verticals by tapping into high-quality leads from your partner network. Strengthen your partnerships, generate referrals, and create a thriving ecosystem where everyone wins.

Speed up prospecting of ecosystem-qualified leads

‘New Accounts for You’ takes account mapping one step further. Gather, compare, and share Greenfield leads — those that are not in your database — with partners using Crossbeam. Expand the addressable market within your partnerships by uncovering untapped territories, industries, and verticals. Capture a net-new audience, proactively – hello partner-sourced plays.

Referrals to partners

Enter the era of reciprocity

Greenfield evolves the nature of ecosystem relationships. Hard code reciprocity into your partner DNA with visibility outside of the account overlap. It’s more accessible than ever to capture referrals and move your partner relationships forward.

Use Ecosystem Data to expand your ICP

Capture and action GTM plays, navigate partnership prioritization, and secure insights on non-overlap accounts to identify missing ICP attributes. Use Greenfield to tee-up your next targeted marketing strategy or tailor upcoming feature sets.

Turn your ecosystem into your #1 revenue source

Get started in under a minute. Instantly capture insights from your partners. Identify more opportunities. Did we mention it’s free?