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See how Friendbuy used Crossbeam to add 30% more opportunities to its pipeline

How Crossbeam Works



It’s like LinkedIn for partnerships. Find and connect with the companies in your partner ecosystem in just a few clicks. If they’re not on Crossbeam yet, we’ll roll out the red carpet and get them onboarded at no cost to you or them.


Connect Data

Crossbeam securely integrates with your existing systems to build lists of prospects, opportunities, and customers. We support the most popular data sources including the leading CRMs, data warehouses, Google Sheets, and CSVs. No matter the source, you have total control over what data enters Crossbeam.


Map Accounts

Crossbeam’s powerful matching engine identifies overlaps between your data and the partners in your ecosystem. Build powerful reports and segment by partners, sales reps, or any other dimension in your data.


Drive Sales

Collaborate and communicate with partners to generate new leads, advance existing deals, and grow joint customers. Push data to the tools you already use with Partner Cloud.


Grow and Repeat

Measure partner-influenced revenue to show ROI, justify investment, and grow your partner ecosystem. Use Crossbeam to find new partners and even more opportunities.

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