No stale salary data. No untenable KPI targets without the benchmarks to back them up. No guesswork, and certainly no failed experiments. 

The 2023 State of the Partner Ecosystem report is a source of truth for partnerships and GTM leaders scaling ecosystems, advancing their careers, and paving the way for an ecosystem-led future. 

In our on-demand webinar, get 40-min of the most exciting ecosystem findings direct from the report, including: 

  • Year-over-year changes in the average total compensation by geography and gender (Did you know: the gender gap for VP-level partnerships roles decreased by 83%?) 
  • The most common KPIs (partner-sourced revenue is king), the least common KPIs, and quarterly targets for each 
  • Hard-hitting stats like this one: On average, survey respondents reported that integration users are 58% less likely to churn. 

Plus, binge-worthy partnerships banter between our hosts Crossbeam CEO Bob Moore and VP of Content Sean Blanda. 

The data is yours to plug into your slide decks, help get your team more buy-in and resources, and ensure your partner ecosystem is on track for scale. 

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Your hosts:

Bob Moore,

Bob Moore


Sean Blanda

VP of Content