Crossbeam for Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Corporate Development

Accelerate Due Diligence + Expand Your Impact on Portfolio Valuations

Become the center of your portfolio’s relationship ecosystem. Understand market overlaps, illuminate partnering potential, foster warm introductions, and track your impact on valuations.

Why VC and PE Investors Love Crossbeam

Make Smart Introductions

Easily compare your network connections with your portfolio companies’ prospects, open opportunities, and customer lists on Crossbeam.  Help your portfolio companies accelerate their sales efforts and win bigger deals faster. Apply a data-driven approach to networking by brokering smarter introductions and sourcing better backchannel references.

Support Your Portfolio Companies

Many of your portfolio companies are already using Crossbeam to map accounts, co-sell, and grow together with other companies. Join Crossbeam and connect your portfolio ecosystem.

Your portfolio companies can help each other to grow by sharing data with you and sharing data with each other.  Portfolio Companies selling to the same companies can work closely together and collaborate on deals.  

Track & Attribute Your Introductions

Whether through a personal introduction from your network or by connecting one portfolio company with another, investors can track the direct impact their connections have on companies’ growth.  Assign direct attribution to your portfolio companies’ sales opportunities where your influence helped to bring a new customer on board.

Why Corporate Development
and Integration Teams Love Crossbeam

Conduct Better Due Diligence

Corporate development teams use Crossbeam to find overlaps and co-selling opportunities between the acquirer and a target company. These insights allow corporate development teams to identify potential synergies between the two companies to make more data-driven investment decisions. 

Win Competitive Deals

Differentiate your own value in the acquisition process by proactively demonstrating synergies between your businesses and highlighting immediate opportunities for growth. 

Post-Acquisition / M&A Assistance

Shortcut the lengthy CRM integration process by connecting the acquirer and a target company on Crossbeam, allowing you to share insights and act as one company in your sales pursuits. 

account mapping matrix

Accelerate Post-deal Value Creation

Following the close of every deal, prioritize your most important shared opportunities for co-selling efforts. Use Crossbeam to pinpoint key overlaps, build collaborative co-selling teams and increase your win rates. 

With Crossbeam, VC, PE, and Corporate Development Teams Will Achieve:

  • More transparency into sales pipelines of a target company and portfolio companies
  • Higher valuations since Investors can better support portfolio companies
  • Quicker exits for investors
  • Better due diligence

Popular Features for VC and Corp Dev Leaders

Account Mapping

Leverage Crossbeam to map your network and relationships with your portfolio companies’ sales pipelines (Prospects and Open Opportunities). Eliminate the need for unsecure spreadsheet sharing. Make introductions to relevant connections in your network.

Standard Populations

Utilize Standard Populations to streamline the Account Mapping process and quickly identify your overlaps. Harness Custom Populations to configure population lists unique to your business.

Data Sharing Controls

Decide which data to share with your portfolio companies.  Choose to share summary data, rollup statistics, individual data points, or entire account lists based on your preferences and controls.

Matching Engine

Crossbeam will match your data set with your portfolio companies’ accounts securely — regardless of their chosen CRM. 

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