2022 Connector Summit Resources

We’ve curated our top resources, templates, and help articles that pair perfectly with each Connector Summit Session — just for you. You can find all the on-demand recordings here.


Your Ecosystem Maturity Journey

You’re in an important phase of your ecosystem’s growth and have an opportunity to scale. Get the lay of the land on ecosystem maturity and see how you can use Crossbeam to become a Connector. Plus, join us as we unveil our newest capabilities that will help you along the way.

Session 1

Getting Primed for Account Mapping with Partners in Crossbeam

Get ready for a personal tour of Crossbeam. Learn how our most successful customers get their partners set up for success in Crossbeam. We’ll cover how to securely connect your data, build populations, invite partners, and jump into account mapping.

Session 2

How to Gain Internal Buy-in to Build New Integrations

Get your executives nodding “yes” to your next batch of partnerships and integrations. We’ll teach you how to build a numbers-backed business case for new partnerships using the Account Mapping Matrix.

Session 3

Quick Tips for Crossbeam Account Management and Data Hygiene

Keep your Crossbeam account organized, clean, and primed to support your ecosystem growth. Get expert tips for managing and organizing your users, sharing settings, partners, and reports in Crossbeam.

Session 4

Best Practices for Sourcing Ecosystem Qualified Leads (And What To Do After You Find Them)

Not all overlaps are created equal. Learn how our most successful customers segment and filter their data to source the ripest ecosystem qualified leads for their reps. We’ll also teach you how to notify your reps about new EQLs in Slack.

Session 5

How to Forecast and Manage Sourced and Influenced Pipeline in Crossbeam

Adopt new tactics for identifying your ripest opportunities to drive partner influence and learn how to effectively manage your partner-sourced and influenced pipeline with advanced reporting in Crossbeam.

Session 7

How to Activate Ecosystem Insights with Reports and Dashboards in Salesforce

Discover how to activate ecosystem insights for your GTM teams — right within Salesforce. We’ll teach you how to build reports and use performance dashboards by sending partner data to the Crossbeam Overlaps Custom Object in Salesforce.

Session 8

How to Source and Convert Pipeline in HubSpot

Learn how to source, convert, and close more partner-sourced and influenced pipeline by getting your partner data in HubSpot. We’ll show you how to set up automated co-marketing campaigns and how to give reps visibility into partner relationships to drive deals forward.

Closing Remarks

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