Get the Crossbeam Guide to Launching Integrations People Want

  • Phase #1: The Discovery Phase
  • Phase #2: The Market Validation Phase
  • Phase #3: The Build & Quality Assurance Phase
  • Phase #4: The Launch Phase

We’ll walk you through each phase of your integration’s lifecycle so you can deliver high-demand integrations with the biggest business impact.

You’ve Identified the Best Integration Opportunities. Now Get Ready to Build.

Successful co-selling with tech partners requires the right integration. Lay the proper groundwork to build an integration that solves your customers’ and prospects’ pain point, and you’ll:

  • Increase partner-influenced revenue
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Increase annual recurring revenue
  • Decrease customer churn rate

But, you’ve got to gather the right evidence and nurture the right relationships. In this guide, we outline how to successfully build integrations and use each phase of the cycle to get continued buy-in.

In This E-Book:

Get the 10-Month Timeline

We’ll walk you through the common phases our best customers use to ensure their integrations are successful before a line of code is ever written.

Validation That Works

Use Crossbeam to get the perfect list of alpha customers. Which, coincidentally, will become your first case studies.

Launches That Get Noticed

Learn the right Reports to run in Crossbeam to create a built-in co-marketing campaign you can execute easily — especially if you’re using one of our marketing automation integrations.

Get Credit. Automatically.

The co-selling is no good if the partner team doesn’t get the credit. Learn how to automatically register your in-flight deals in the tools of your choosing.

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