Get the 4 Easy Wins you can achieve through mapping accounts in Crossbeam:

  • Easy Win #1: Retention and Vetting
  • Easy Win #2: Pipeline Review
  • Easy Win #3: Deal Acceleration
  • Easy Win #4: Net New Opportunities

We’ve packed four years of account mapping learnings into 20 no-frills pages.

So You’ve Mapped Accounts.
Now What?

It’s time to rethink what account mapping can be. With the right approach, you can see monster wins like:

  • 300% increase in upsells
  • 34% higher ACV
  • 30% more pipeline
  • 66% higher close rate

But, you’ve got to know where to start. In this guide we share the exact step-by-step process for accomplishing the quick wins that lay the foundation for explosive growth.

In This E-Book:

The Exact Plays to Execute

From the overlaps to focus on, to the fields you should share, to the exact moment you should bring in your colleagues. We spell it all out in a straightforward step-by-step process.

Tips Collected From Thousands of Crossbeam Users

We’ve seen the common pitfalls and friction points when mapping accounts. In this guide, you’ll learn how to spot issues before they slow your progress.

No More “Shrug Effect”

Vague partnerships are more likely to stall. Learn how to get specific and align quickly with your partners to produce results for both of you.

Move from Tactics to Strategy

Real-time account mapping in Crossbeam has saved users up to 20 hours a week. We’ll show you how to use that time to streamline and automate your process.

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