Get the Crossbeam Guide to co-selling with tech partners:

  • Phase #1: Introduce The “Adoption” Play
  • Phase #2: Introduce The “Double Win” Play
  • Phase #3: Introduce The “Acceleration” Play
  • Phase #4: Introduce The “Warm Intro” Play
  • Phase #5: Introduce The “Pipeline Generation” Play

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You’ve Mapped Accounts and Built the Integration. It’s Time to *Drumroll* Start Co-Selling.

Real-time account mapping confirmed your hunch on which integration to build. Now you’ve got something your customers and prospects need. It’s time to start co-selling with your partner, and timing makes all the difference.

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get some quick co-selling wins
  • Facilitate upsells and cross-selling through integration adoption
  • Help your AEs shorten their sales cycles
  • Increase your close rate by 66%

Get the roll-out schedule that guarantees repeatable co-selling success all while gaining stakeholder buy-in.

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