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Crossbeam is Launched, Funded, and Changing Partnerships for Good

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Since the turn of the century, we’ve seen SaaS platforms bring on revolutionary changes in the way sales, marketing, product, people, and customer success teams create and measure value. We believe that partnerships are next, and Crossbeam is the product that will bring on that change.


What is Crossbeam?

Crossbeam is a Partner Ecosystem Platform (PEP) that helps companies build more valuable partnerships.

Crossbeam acts as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners, while keeping the rest of their data private and secure.


Imagine qualifying your sales leads based on intelligence from your partners. Imagine choosing new partners based on hard data about how they’ll grow your addressable market. Imagine eliminating channel conflict. Imagine pricing your M&A deals based on hard data.

All these use cases and more are now possible thanks to Crossbeam.


Why Now?

In the past decade, SaaS tools have revolutionized nearly every business function, leading to more efficiency, productivity, and positive change. Professionals in sales, marketing, product, engineering, and customer success have all become more impactful thanks to SaaS tools that optimize workflows, quantify performance, and drive smarter actions.

But not partnerships. The software landscape for partner managers, business development professionals, and, owners of strategic alliances has sat stale and undisrupted for years.

Partnerships are special for a number of reasons, but two in particular have made it historically difficult for software innovation to take place:

  • Missing data. Unlike other departments, your partnerships team is reliant on the actions of outside parties in order to do their jobs. This means they can’t see all the data they need to measure progress and drive actions, two cornerstones of how SaaS platforms create value.
  • No standardization. From company to company and partnership to partnership, the way in which companies collaborate can be extremely bespoke. Lack of a common language and practices prevents companies from creating scalable innovation with software.

But the times are changing. The rise of the API economy has brought along a new universe of data pipeline and warehousing tools that allow for the standardization and secure storage of data in a way that makes it possible for apples-to-apples comparisons between disparate companies and systems.

More importantly, the very fabric of partnerships is evolving. Technology integrations are new playbook for driving value through partnerships, creating a level of programmatic integration between companies that increases both the scalability of a partner program and the consistency of how those partners connect and create value. 


Backed By World-Class Investors

Today, Buck and I are thrilled to share that Crossbeam has raised a $3.35 million Seed round co-led by Uncork Capital and First Round Capital. Andy McLoughlin from Uncork has joined our Board of Directors. Village Global, Slack Fund, and several strategic angels also participated in the round.

This is my third time working with the incredible team at Uncork, who previously funded RJMetrics (acquired by Magento in 2016) and Stitch (acquired by Talend in 2018). Working with First Round is a dream come true for us, having long respected their partnership, admired their portfolio, and shared their Philly roots.

This financing has allowed us to grow our team to ten people, launch an initial version of Crossbeam, and begin on-boarding select pilot customers.

Join the Pilot

 If you’re interested in learning more about what we have to offer and seeing a demo of what it can do for you and your team, you can get started with Crossbeam today.

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