Use Cases

Discover all of the ways you can use Crossbeam to connect partner insights across your business and beyond.

Partner Playbook
Content Spotlight: The Partner Playbook
We wrote the book on how partnership leaders can drive revenue, get rewarded, and become an indispensable part of their companies. 
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Tech Partners

Build a data-driven tech partner ecosystem with Crossbeam. Then scale it, drive revenue, measure success, and repeat.

Channel Partners

Find the right channel partner for every deal, eliminate channel conflict and scale up your channel partner ecosystem with data at the core.


Easily target, nurture, and increase conversion rates using Crossbeam. Make co-marketing a breeze with partner insights at every stage of the customer journey.


Unlock new revenue streams by arming your sales team with the full force of your partner ecosystem. Roll out a Partner Ecosystem Playbook to develop more leads, win more deals, and grow bigger accounts with Crossbeam.

VC and Corp Dev

Sit at the center of your portfolio’s data ecosystem. Understand market overlaps, quantify partnering potential, foster introductions, and quantify your value-add.

Turn your ecosystem into your #1 revenue source

Get started in under a minute. Instantly capture insights from your partners. Identify more opportunities. Did we mention it’s free?