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With Crossbeam, Partner Success can impact every stage of your revenue funnel: lead generation, sales acceleration, customer retention, and analytics. We also offer industry-specific solutions for corporate development, investor portfolios, and trade groups.

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Supercharge Your Partner Ecosystem

From leads to conversion to retention, Crossbeam turns your partner program into a force multiplier at every stage of the funnel. Generate revenue, fill your pipeline, and never send your partners a spreadsheet ever again.

Generate Qualified Leads

Grow the top of your funnel with leads and insights from your partner ecosystem. With Crossbeam, you can generate highly qualified partner leads, host more productive co-marketing events, and eliminate channel conflict.

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Account Mapping

Map accounts instantly surface new leads, co-marketing lists, and more. Get notified of new overlaps instantly via email or in Slack and Salesforce.

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Build the perfect co-marketing list. Send your new integration only to your shared customers or co-sell only to your shared opportunities.

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Effectively Prioritize Integrations

Vet possible partnerships by seeing exactly how many customers you have in common. No more wasting your resources building integrations that no one ever uses.

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