The traditional GTM Playbooks aren’t working

Enter the Era of Ecosystem-Led Growth

Crossbeam helps you find, close, and keep more customers with the most powerful growth lever on the planet: your own partner ecosystem.

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selling is better with partners

Make your ecosystem data work for you

Crossbeam watches your partner ecosystem and immediately shows you the data, people, and companies in your network that will accelerate and close your next deal. Stay ahead of your numbers and the competition with the exact plays you need at exactly the right time.

Did you know?

Ecosystem-Led deals are:

more likely to close
faster time to close
less likely to churn

How it works

Step 1

Find Partners

Easily find and activate partnerships with over 19,000 companies on the Crossbeam network.

Step 2

Share Data

Securely share data with partners by connecting Crossbeam with CRMs, Data Warehouses, Google Sheets, and CSV files.

Step 3

Account Map

Use Crossbeam to automatically identify mutual accounts called ‘overlaps’ between your data and your partners’ data.

Step 4

Drive Sales

Arm sales teams with insights they need to identify new leads, advance existing deals, and grow cutstomer accounts.

Crossbeam For partnerships

Simple but effective Ecosystem-Led Growth tools

Great partnerships start with great data. But knowing where to look and what to look for – all while trying to grow your ecosystem is just too complicated. With Crossbeam, it doesn’t have to be.

Automate account mapping

Pick winners and prioritize the right partnerships

Not all partners have the same potential, and not all collaborators will succeed. The difference? It’s all in the data. Crossbeam unlocks visibility into your strongest partners, prospects, and plays so you can source and attribute more revenue from your ecosystem.

Crossbeam for sales

The most efficient way to capture and convert high-quality pipeline

Transform your sales organization with the ecosystem intelligence your team craves to uncover new leads, accelerate deal cycles, and expand accounts with ease.


Close more deals, faster

Generating pipeline is the #1 challenge for sales teams. Use Crossbeam for Sales and the collective strength of your partner ecosystem to get warm partner intros, gather new insights about prospects’ sales processes, and keep deals moving along.

“We’ve literally gone from zero to millions in [partner-influenced revenue growth] in a year for our app and service partner programs, and Crossbeam has had a huge impact.”
Catherine Brodigan
Sr. Manager of Global Partnerships
“We’ve literally gone from zero to millions in [partner-influenced revenue growth] in a year for our app and service partner programs, and Crossbeam has had a huge impact.”
Catherine Brodigan
Sr. Manager of Global Partnerships
 “Since we adopted Crossbeam, 35% of our opportunities are partner-influenced or sourced.”
Samantha Samuels
VP of Partnerships
“By account mapping in Crossbeam, it shrinks our sales cycle in a large organization from nine months to five months.”
Ed Ceballos
Head of Partnerships
“Within a week of connecting with a partner on Crossbeam, we identified three accounts to target for co-selling. This resulted in $18K in expansion opportunity creation for”
Clark Wright
Director of Channels & Partnerships
“Partner-influenced revenue has exploded across our business, and Crossbeam has become critical to how we operate and how I function as a partner leader.”
Derek Safko
Head of Partnerships

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Powering Ecosystem-Led Growth for over 19,000 companies

Crossbeam is the global standard for Ecosystem-Led Growth. See how the world’s leading companies are using Crossbeam’s comprehensive GTM platform to automate account mapping, co-sell, and win bigger deals, faster.

Turn your ecosystem into your #1 revenue source

Get started in under a minute. Instantly capture insights from your partners. Identify more opportunities. Did we mention it’s free?