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Thousands of companies use Crossbeam to grow partner-sourced revenue. Our free account mapping tools and powerful data platform are the perfect match for every company in your partner ecosystem.

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Instant Account Mapping

No more spreadsheets. Connect with a partner and get real-time updates on overlapping customers, pipeline, and more — all for free.

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Generate Qualified Leads

Activate new leads and opportunities daily using your existing partner ecosystem. Measure and scale your efforts by integrating Crossbeam data with the tools you already use every day.

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Supercharge Channel Sales

Eliminate channel conflict and make smarter partnering decisions. Take lead assignment and deal registration to a whole new level.

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How It Works



Connect with your partners in a private company-to-company network.



Securely connect your CRM, data warehouse, Google Docs, or CSVs.



Identify overlaps across leads, opportunities, and customers—sharing only the data you specify.



Create reports, workflows, and automations to drive revenue through your partner channels. Push results back into the systems that power your business.

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What People Are Saying

"In just a few months, Crossbeam helped us close 14 deals worth nearly $500K." Read more ›

Matthew Zanardi
Partner Development Manager

"Crossbeam's platform is a game changer for the way we do business within our partner ecosystem." Read more ›

Mike Yakovlev
Manager of Technology Alliances

"15% of our current pipeline can be attributed to Crossbeam." Read more ›

Alex Richards
Head of Partnerships & Sales Engineering

"I mention Crossbeam to everyone. I get them on a screen share and they all react by saying 'Oh my god, I need this!'" Read more ›

Chris Formosa
Technology Partnerships Advocate

"I tell my partners, I'm not making any more Google Docs. Get your ass on Crossbeam." Read more ›

Richard Bernstein
Head of Business Development & Alliances

"We were able to exceed our partner-referred lead target by 20%, and it’s not even the end of our quarter." Read more ›

James King
Strategic Alliances Manager

"Using Crossbeam to understand just one of the partner technologies our target accounts were using generated three net new opportunities in less than a week — we never had this information before." Read more ›

Zac Fuld
Partner Manager, Technology

"Finally, a solution that addresses the pain point experienced by all BizDev, Partner and Channel Managers when qualifying prospective partners or co-selling/collaborating with your existing portfolio. Crossbeam is a game changer!" Read more ›

Diane S. Ruth
VP, Ecosystem Strategy & Business Development

"Throw away your customer mapping spreadsheets! Partnership teams finally have a simple, powerful SaaS tool that will automate their workflows and serve up a stream of actionable insights."

Than Adams
Business Operations Manager

"Great SaaS products have revolutionized the way innovative companies run Sales, Marketing, and Support. The Partnerships function is long overdue for disruption and Crossbeam is an exciting solution that paves the way for a new data-driven approach to partnerships."

Mike Heller
Head of Partnerships

"I used to spend 50% of my time just mapping accounts — now I spend one hour every Tuesday reviewing Crossbeam and I’m set." Read more

Carina Shahin
Partnership Specialist

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