Selling is Better With Partners

Crossbeam watches your partner ecosystem and immediately surfaces the data, people, and companies in your network that will accelerate and close your next deal.

Book more revenue with the people and partners you already have, and ensure your GTM teams are focusing on the right partnerships.

“So far this year, it’s helped my team add $10M ARR in pipeline.”
Dante Gordon
Partner Sales Director
“So far this year, it’s helped my team add $10M ARR in pipeline.”
Dante Gordon
Partner Sales Director
Crossbeam is such a game changer for partnering with other sales teams.”
Kit Wetzler
VP of Sales
“The customer service and support are absolutely insane.”
Jason Arebalo
Channel Alliance Manager
“For Crossbeam-related deals where we’re getting partner influence, the close rate goes up to 50 – 60%.”
Chris Lavoie
Tech Partnerships Lead

Powering Growth for More Than 11,000 Companies

Crossbeam is the global standard for ecosystem-led growth. See how the world’s leading companies are using it to grow faster and smarter.

Account Map with Partners

Say so long to spreadsheets and hello to data-driven partnerships. Connect with partners and start account mapping to find overlapping customers, shared pipeline, and more.

Enrich Account Views

Partner data isn’t meant to be siloed. Free your insights and enrich account views with integrations like Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot and more.

Win More Deals

Use your partner ecosystem as a secret weapon. Close deals faster by tapping your network for assists and warm intros with Crossbeam Sales Edge.

Partners + Crossbeam =

No more slogging through spreadsheets or missing out on opportunities. Crossbeam automatically identifies new ecosystem qualified leads (EQLs) anytime your target list overlaps with your partners’ data. Your lead list grows automatically with your ecosystem, your data, and your partners’ success.

How it Works

Step 1

Join the Network

Connect with your partners in a secure, company-to-company network.

Step 2

Connect Your Data

Securely connect your CRM, data warehouse, Google Sheets, or CSVs

Step 3

Start Account Mapping

Identify overlaps across leads, opportunities, and customers – sharing only the data you want.

Step 4

Drive Sales with Partners

Collaborate, communicate, and track progress as partners influence your sales pipeline..

Step 5

Make your Ecosystem Count

Get credit for the impact of your partner ecosystem, measure successes, and integrate with your favorite tools to get partner data where it matters most.

Join Crossbeam

Do unlimited account mapping with your entire partner ecosystem for free. Get up-and-running in minutes.