Crossbeam for Venture Capital and Corporate Development

Accelerate Due Diligence and Supercharge Your Value-Add Platform

Sit at the center of your portfolio’s data ecosystem. Understand market overlaps, quantify partnering potential, foster introductions, and quantify your value-add.

Why VC and Corp Dev Leaders Love Crossbeam

Make Your Portfolio A Platform

The value added by an investor or acquirer can be a differentiator that makes or breaks a deal and defines your firm’s impact. Crossbeam can provide a bird’s eye view of customers, sales pipeline overlaps, and potential introductions across your investments and deal prospects. Sit at the center of a portfolio value-add engine and deliver a differentiated platform play to your founders and their teams.

Win Competitive Deals

Show off your potential value-add by comparing a prospective investment’s prospect list to the companies your portfolio can already access. Broker smarter introductions and source better backchannel references taking a data-driven approach to networking.

Smarter Due Diligence

Compare the data of your prospective investments to your existing network, key portfolio company relationships, and other data sets to discover potential references, make forensic gut checks, and more clearly understand target markets. Surface opportunities to help land and expand deals for your prospective investment to win competitive deals.

Lower Time-to-Value on Acquisitions

For Corp Dev leaders, the post-deal integration process can be a years-long slog that weighs down value realization for new acquisitions. Shortcut the lengthy CRM integration process by empowering your go-to-market teams with Crossbeam-powered data. Show customer overlap, rep ownership, and other key details in each CRM on day one, providing transparency up until systems are combined.

Network Effects

Your portfolio is already here. Tap into the largest B2B network graph ever created and see who is already online and ready to connect. Easy onboarding and a powerful free tier mean every one of your investments can join the party in minutes.

Popular Features for VC and Corp Dev Leaders

Account Mapping

Your partnership team will map accounts (leads, opportunities, and customers) against those of your partners. When a match is found, select information is shared to help both companies and their marketers build a more valuable joint relationship with the account.

Standard Populations

Easily establish common ground across partner data. With Standard Populations you can quickly map accounts and streamline pipeline stages.

Data Sharing Controls

Most important marketing and partnering questions can be answered without oversharing. Choose to share summary data, rollup statistics, individual data points, or entire account lists based on your preferences and controls. Customize these settings for each partner and list, or use system-wide defaults to make scaling consistent and easy.

Matching Engine

Crossbeam’s proprietary matching engine ensures that you and your partners can compare data sets with speed and accuracy — regardless of the CRM you use or the way you organize your data.

Partner Cloud

Connect your partner data to the systems you already use to interact with prospects and audiences.. From marketing automation to ABM to ad networks, get your ecosystem engine going with integrations purpose-built for marketing teams.

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