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Announcing Crossbeam Insider: Our New Center for ELG Insights (& Every Supernode Talk Ever)

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Imagine signing into Netflix and seeing only the films they’ve added last. Or going into your corner grocery store and finding the freshest stuff at the front. There’s a reason why cereal’s in the cereal aisle and tomatoes are in the produce section.

Today, we’ve launched Crossbeam Insider — Our center for Ecosystem-Led Growth (ELG) insights and the destination for all of our best stuff. No longer will a “publish date” inform your reading list. We’ve carefully curated all of our best articles, e-books, webinars, and more in easy-to-browse, thematic collections.

Let’s skip down memory lane for a moment.

Since 2019, we’ve been working hard on listening to practitioners, leaders, and superheroes in the Ecosystems space. We’ve published 101-style articles to help educate newcomers, success stories from Ecosystem innovators, and four years of data in our State of the Partner Ecosystem report.

But as time has passed, it’s become increasingly difficult to find some of our most-read pieces. As the Crossbeam blog grew and our LinkedIn feeds marched on, the playbooks and stories that helped partnership leaders like you drive results, prove the impact of their Ecosystems, and get raises while doing it became more difficult to surface (dust in the wind algorithm, if you will).

This is where Crossbeam Insider comes in, where you can now easily find every 2023 Supernode talk, our most-read articles, e-books like The Partner Playbook and The State of the Partner Ecosystem, and much more.

(That’s right, every Supernode talk is now available to view on Crossbeam Insider!)

Learn how Crossbeam Insider works below, or skip ahead to read about the 2023 Supernode talks (and then head over to Crossbeam Insider to view your top picks!).

Big thanks to AudiencePlus for helping us bring the Crossbeam Insider experience to life using their technology and superpowers! 🎉


How Crossbeam Insider Works 

Gone are the days when a publish date dictates your ELG reading list. Below, we’ll share some of the benefits of the new Crossbeam Insider. 

Find everything you need in easy-to-browse “collections”. 

Let’s say you want to learn about Ecosystem-Led Sales to make it easy for your sales reps to co-sell at scale. Head over to the “Ecosystem-Led Sales” collection, where you can find resources like:

You can even send your sales team directly to the collection to level up their sales strategies. 

Above: a snapshot of the article “8 Times Sales Reps Won the Deal by Co-Selling With Partners” and recommended content

Your 2023 Interview Kit” or “Your Guide to Preparing for Your Next Partner Pitch Meeting” in the “Career” collection can help! 

Plus, you can send your sales champions, curious execs, and partnership peers directly to the collections that would interest them most. Never lose a helpful article in your bookmarks tab ever again. 

Subscribe once, and get access to everything. 

Our articles, e-books, webinars, and more all exist in one place now. Rather than discovering our latest resource by chance on your LinkedIn feed or through a landing page, you can count on finding all of our best stuff on Crossbeam Insider. No need to fill out any forms to hear your favorite Supernode talks or to get the latest salary data. Simply type in your email address once, and you, good friend, are a Crossbeam Insider.

Go down the ELG rabbit hole. 

Did you read something you like? In the sidebar, you’ll find a “You Might Also Like” section where you can navigate to what’s up next in the collection. Enjoy a playlist of ELG insights in between meetings, over a cup of coffee, or as the sun goes down.  

👉 A few tips: 

Before you head off on your ELG adventure, we have a few housekeeping tips for you to consider.

Adopt the “You Might Also Like” rabbit hole: We recommend checking out the “You Might Also Like” sidebar rather than relying on internal linking for the best experience. 

Excuse the mess, we just moved in! You may encounter content that doesn’t close the loop. Text that trails off, or links that veer slightly off course. We’ll be tidying up in the weeks to come. Please excuse any confusion for now. 

Use the “Back” arrow in your browser: Feel free to use the “Back” arrow in your browser to navigate to the previous page or content piece. The “Back” arrow at the top of Crossbeam Insider will lead you to the homepage for now.

You’ll need to enter your email address (just once): When you head over to Crossbeam Insider, you may see a prompt to enter your email address. Just enter your email address once, and then you can view everything on Crossbeam Insider. This makes it so that instead of entering your information for every gated asset we publish, anyone can enter their email just once and access the entire collection on Crossbeam Insider.

Drumroll, please…

The New Supernode 2023 Collection 

Supernode 2023 took place from June 5-7 in San Diego. Enjoy every talk from our second annual conference in the “Supernode” collection on Crossbeam Insider (plus, all Supernode 2022 talks, too!).

The “Supernode” Collection featuring Supernode 2023 and 2022 speaker sessions

Sam Jacobs & Bob Moore: The Future of an Ecosystem-Led World

Bob Moore, CEO & Co-Founder of Crossbeam, and Sam Jacobs, CEO of Pavilion, discuss the state of the market in 2023 and how Ecosystem-Led Growth “may be the only defensible path to market in the future.” Watch here

Don’t miss: At 38:12, Jacobs shares how to be an effective sales leader or Chief Revenue Officer, you can no longer only hire dozens of sales development representatives (SDRs) and account executives (AEs) — You must modernize your go-to-market (GTM) strategies. 

Maureen Little: Building Influence to Drive Impact

Maureen Little, VP of Partnerships at Okta, shares her approach for getting buy-in and real commitment for your strategic initiatives from your leadership and GTM teams. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 21:40, Little shares how to use the data you gathered to build a proposal for your strategic initiative.  

Marco De Paulis: Why You Should Always Give Value Before You Get It

Marco De Paulis, Director of Ecommerce Partnerships at RyderEcommerce by Whiplash, shares how to identify your highest-impact partnerships and nurture them to drive the best results. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 13:08, De Paulis discusses partner prioritization. 

Tobin Bennion: How Snowflake Does Customer Centered Partnerships

Tobin Bennion, Product Business Development at Snowflake, shares how to identify customer signals and let your customers lead the way to inform the types of partnerships your team invests in. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 16:00, Bennion speaks about the challenges of scaling partnerships after producing organic wins with mutual customers. 

Andy Cochran: How to Clone Yourself

Andy Cochran, Head of Strategic Alliances at Drift, talks about how he uses the Crossbeam Salesforce Widget to empower his sales team to send partner intro requests (PIRs) to partners who can share valuable intel about their accounts and help them close the deal. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 13:40, Cochran shares his tech stack and process for accelerating partner intros. 

Michelle Geltman: Ways to Shift Your Sales Team’s Mindset

Michelle Geltman, Senior Director of Business Development at Branch, shares how she empowers Branch’s AEs to co-sell by aligning their key performance indicators (KPIs) and using Crossbeam Sales Edge. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 9:50, Geltman shares how she drove a 44% increase in pipeline with partners. 

Catherine Brodigan: Effective Co-Selling* (*because you have no other choice)

Catherine Brodigan, Senior Manager of Global Partnerships at Intercom, shares how Intercom scaled its co-selling process to drive a 28% increase in QoQ productivity on closed-won revenue and a 44% win rate. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 16:40, Brodigan shares how her team invests in a more tailored strategy for their high-impact partners.

Sara Du: How Top Partnership Leaders Get Integrations Built 2x Faster

Sara Du, Co-Founder & CEO at Alloy Automation, shares how you should be communicating with your product and engineering teams to get their investment for building integrations your customers love. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 7:58, Du covers what Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) care most about and how to speak to their priorities in your pitch for new integrations. 

Blake Williams: How to Start Co-Selling Faster: Minimum Viable Partnerships (MVP)

Blake Williams, CEO at Ampfactor, shares tips for improving your co-selling process and three case studies that show how his team has driven results from co-selling. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 20:08 Williams shares how you can get twice the reach from the same dollar amount when investing in co-marketing with partners for lead generation. 

Alessandra Andrenacci: Programmatic Partner Distribution – Leveraging Verticalized Partner Programs 

Alessandra Andrenacci, Head of Partnerships, DocSend at Dropbox, shares how she developed a verticalized partner program to generate leads via VC firms and their startup communities. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 8:58, Andrenacci shares how to segment your messaging for your target audience. 

Mike Stocker: 10 Partner Metrics Every Executive Ought To Know

Mike Stocker, VP of Partnerships at CallRail, discusses 10 partner metrics and the impact Ecosystems have on each. Watch here

Don’t miss: At 15:38, Stocker shares how with just a small improvement in retention, you could boost your company’s profits significantly. 

Dave Goldstein: Ecosystem-Led Sales for the Enterprise: How Braze Leveraged Alliances to Fuel Robust Growth

Dave Goldstein, Vice President of Global Solutions Alliances at Braze, shares how with the right tech stack, democratization of partner data, and enablement framework, you could 2x your win rates and see 188% bigger deal sizes. Watch here.

Don’t miss: 14:58 Goldstein talks about the importance of Ecosystem tooling and the data warehouse. 

Brandon Balan and McKenzie Jerman: We replaced our mid-market sales with Ecosystem-Led Growth. This is what happened.

Brandon Balan, Head of Channel Sales at Bombora, and McKenzie Jerman, Director of Channel Partnerships at Bombora, shared how they swapped out the old way of doing mid-market sales with an Ecosystem-Led approach and saw a 3.5x higher close rate on partner-influenced opportunities. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 13:35, Balan and Jerman share the drivers that contributed to the success of their Ecosystem-Led Sales motions.

Allan Adler, Jill Rowley, Kevin Kriebel: ELG and the C-Suite

Allan Adler, Managing Partner at Digital Bridge Partners, Jill Rowley, GTM Advisor and LP at Stage 2 Capital, and Kevin Kriebel, VP of Partnerships at Drata, sit down with Crossbeam VP of Ecosystem Adam Michalski to talk about building cross-departmental relationships, pain points in sales, and the future of ELG. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 23:00, Kriebel shares how the biggest opportunity at stake is with your partner’s partners (and their entire customer bases).

Alexis Petrichos & Nicolas Vandenberghe: How Chili Piper Became an Ecosystem-Led Company

Alexis Petrichos, Director of Technology Ecosystem at Chili Piper and Chili Piper co-CEO Nicolas Vandenberghe discuss the beginnings of investing in their Partner Ecosystem and how they 2x’ed their annual contract values (ACVs) and saw a 90% close rate with partners. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 8:05, Petrichos shares how he and Vandenberghe launched their partnership with G2 and the results they observed. 

Ben Warshaw: RevOps to the Rescue: The Secret Ingredient to Scaling Your ELG Motion

Ben Warshaw, revenue and partner ops leader, shares his tips for using partner data to empower your sales team in the tools they use every day — and how to track your wins in leadership-friendly dashboards. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 9:00, Warshaw shares his reporting process and how he communicates the impact of his Ecosystem with his leadership team. 

Braydan Young: How to Get Your C-Suite to Care

Braydan Young, Chief of Alliances at Sendoso, shares how your leadership team only cares about one thing: revenue. He shows us the exact dashboard he uses to show the revenue contribution from his Ecosystem. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 4:55, Braydan shares the exact dashboards he uses for his leadership team.

Bob Moore, Lindsey DeFalco, Adam Michalski, Amanda Groves: Unleashing ELG with Crossbeam: Attribution, Revenue, Education

Bob Moore, CEO & Co-Founder of Crossbeam, shares the Crossbeam product roadmap and how we’re tying upcoming product features, the Crossbeam Academy, and Crossbeam Insider into advocating for Ecosystem-Led Growth. Watch here, and hear from: 

  • Lindsey DeFalco, VP of Product, on Attribution and Collaboration in Crossbeam
  • Amanda Groves, Senior Director of Product Marketing, about the Crossbeam Academy, Crossbeam Insider, and Connector Summit 2023
  • Adam Michalski, VP of Ecosystem, about automating co-selling using Sales Edge and the Crossbeam Salesforce Widget 

Don’t miss: At 2:40, Lindsey DeFalco shares new and upcoming Crossbeam product features. 

Lizzie Chapman: How to Make Your Leadership Care About Ecosystem-Led Growth

Lizzie Chapman, VP of Partnerships & Channels at NextRoll, shares how she pitched a unifying vision for NextRoll’s partnership program and iterated on her vision over time as she got feedback from her GTM teams. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 16:00, she shares the results her team observed with their partner Shopify after bringing the vision to life. 

Andrew Lindsay and Bob Moore: AI, The Market, & How to Thrive

Crossbeam CEO & Co-Founder Bob Moore sits down with Andrew Lindsay, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, to discuss how they anticipate AI impacting the tech industry and Ecosystem teams. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 24:12, Lindsay and Moore share tips for adapting to a shifting market and new waves in AI 

Polina Marinova Pompliano: Taking Risks in Times of Uncertainty

Polina Marinova Pompliano, Founder & Author of The Profile, shares seven real-world stories that will inspire you to push yourself to achieve great things and bet on yourself. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 18:55, Pompliano explains the difference between “scary” and “dangerous” and how you should make the scary choice. 

Nick Gray: Closing Keynote

Nick Gray, Author of the 2-Hour Cocktail Party, shares his tips for hosting a killer cocktail party and brings Supernode attendees on stage for a few minutes in the spotlight. Watch here.

Don’t miss: At 11:05, Gray brings Supernode attendees on stage to share a bit about themselves and who they want to meet at the conference. Expect lots of warm-and-fuzzies!

Explore Crossbeam Insider, and watch every 2023 Supernode talk. Enjoy!

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Announcing Crossbeam Insider: Our New Center for ELG Insights (& Every Supernode Talk Ever)


Announcing Crossbeam Insider: Our New Center for ELG Insights (& Every Supernode Talk Ever)

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