The Partner Playbook is your complete guide to thriving as a partnership professional — a trove of proven practices and insights from those in the trenches. No more feeling lost and no more struggling to prove your value. It’s time you finally earn your seat at the table.

In this Book:

No More Guesssing

Whether you’re brand new to partnerships or just looking for a refresher, get a crash course on the basics — like partnership types, account mapping, vetting new partners, and more.

Master-level tactics:

Lessons from the pros, like the partner executive who increased renewals by 30% or the partner manager who helped increase his partner program’s revenue by 25%.

The right tools:

Learn how to leapfrog your peers by updating your tech stack and using tools that enable you to cover more ground, faster.

Be in demand:

The soft-skills and career outlooks shared by 40+ partnership professionals at the top SaaS ecosystems.

Featuring partner ecosystem insights from:

The State of the Partner Ecosystem Report

Email Service Provider Guidebook

How to Buy a Partner Ecosystem Platform