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Win More Deals and Shorten Sales Cycles

Unlock new revenue streams by arming your sales team with the full force of your partner ecosystem. Roll out a Partner Ecosystem Playbook to develop more leads, win more deals, and grow bigger accounts with Crossbeam.

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No More Cold Outreach

See how Fondue used Crossbeam to totally replace its outbound sales program.

Why Sales Leaders Love Crossbeam

Unlock A New Growth Engine 

Account mapping, co-selling, and cross-selling are booming in popularity among modern companies. These practices, powered by Crossbeam, allow you to catalyze your partner ecosystem into a steady stream of new leads, deal assists, and account expansion opportunities.

Grow with Efficiency and Scale

No more swapping spreadsheets and screen sharing to find overlapping accounts. Crossbeam automates the syncing of real-time data, comparison against partner data sets, and notifications when key events occur. Save your team hundreds of hours a year, allowing them to close more deals, and work with more partners than ever before.

Share and Grow Securely

Crossbeam can hide non-overlapping data, allowing you to share what matters with each partner but keep the rest of your data private and secure. Using custom data sharing rules, you can exercise total control over who sees what and under what circumstances.
Read more about our Security and Compliance practices

Attribution and ROI

Gone are the days of partnerships as a cost center. Using Crossbeam, you can measure and track the actions, introductions, deals, and upsells influenced by your partner ecosystem. Understand every stage of your pipeline to measure impact and influence, all while streamlining activities and making smarter sales decisions.

Amplify Your Megaphone

Go to market with a network, not just a sales team. By layering the full power of your partner network on top of your existing sales resources, you can never miss an opportunity to make the right pitch at the right time. From our Chrome Extension to our dozens of integrations, Crossbeam data becomes a force multiplier for the tools and processes that your team already uses to drive revenue.

Popular Features for Sales Leaders

Account Mapping

Match your company’s accounts (prospects, opportunities, and customers) against those of your partners. When a match is found, information is shared to help both companies build a more valuable joint relationship with the account.


Sync data from Crossbeam into the tools and systems your team already uses, including CRM systems, ABM platforms, PRMs, and analytics dashboards. Use this data to drive personalized selling techniques, account scoring, attribution models, and more.


Crossbeam’s proprietary matching engine ensures that you and your partners can compare data sets with speed and accuracy — regardless of the CRM you use or the way you organize your data.

Chrome Extension

Access partner overlap data while browsing a prospect’s website in Chrome. No need to check Crossbeam, dig through spreadsheets, or DM partners in Slack to get partner intel.

Slack App

Collaborate with partners using Crossbeam for Slack. Say bye-bye to silos and hello to warm leads. Make moves with Crossbeam where your partner team already works.

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