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Your Supernode Playlists: 15 Things to Watch, Read, and Listen to as You Prep for the Conference

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Crossbeam’s first annual Supernode conference for partnership professionals is happening this May 17-18. The two-ish day partnership conference is for those who grow and scale partner ecosystem — the perfect event if you enjoy this blog. 

One of the many reasons to attend Supernode is the stellar lineup of speakers.

Don’t just take our word for it — we have compiled podcasts, videos, blog posts, and case studies featuring some of our speakers. Folks who have already purchased their tickets, this is a great way to get hyped about what’s to come at Supernode. For those who still haven’t purchased tickets, this post will give you a preview into the kinds of insights you will learn at Supernode.

You can purchase your Supernode tickets here.

 We have curated: 

The Supernode Spotify playlist

The Supernode Youtube playlist

The Supernode reading list

The Supernode Spotify playlist

As Rocky Balboa taught us, preparation for a big event warrants a great soundtrack. 

Here’s your curated Supernode soundtrack. Pop in some headphones and hit play on this Spotify playlist full of podcast episodes featuring our Supernode speakers (and some fun partnership tunes mixed in). You can listen now, in the car or plane ride to Supernode, or while running Philly art museum steps in preparation to take on the reigning heavyweight world boxing champion. 

1. Brian Jambor on the Make Them Famous podcast

Supernode speaker Brian Jambor works with fast-growing SaaS companies to unlock growth strategies for them through partnerships. With over 10 years of experience in consulting and building partner ecosystems from the ground up, Brian has both the strategic advisement and practical in the field knowledge to share what works and what is hyperbole. 

Make Them Famous is a podcast focused on highlighting successful partnership enablement strategies by speaking with partnership experts. In this episode, Jambor dives into his learnings from his 14 years in partnerships. Specifically, he shares how a partnership is not a vendorship and what that looks like in practice. 

Listen to him here: 

2. Brian Jambor on the SaaS Connect podcast

SaaS Connect is a Saas partnership podcast presented by the Cloud Software Association. In this episode, Jambor shares the tactics he used when getting buy-in from leadership to build a partner program from scratch. 

Listen to him here:

3. Sara Du on the Honest Ecommerce podcast

Supernode speaker Sara Du is the CEO and co-founder of Alloy Automation, an eCommerce automation platform used by top brands like Burberry and Brooklinen to streamline operations and marketing workflows. The company is Series A and backed by a16z, Y Combinator, and founders of companies like Klaviyo, Webflow, Casper, & more. Du is originally from Atlanta and currently resides in NYC, where she spends her weekends doing film photography and designing streetwear. On the side, she angel invests in no code and developer tools startups. 

The Honest Ecommerce podcast is for eCommerce store owners and managers interested in best practices, success stories, and tactical insight from founders and marketers in the eCommerce space. In this episode, Du discusses how to lighten your workload by automating your manual work. She also shares insight into new offerings from Alloy. 

Listen to her here:

4. Sara Du on the Deep End podcast 

Du also appeared on Deep End, a podcast that highlights visionaries and creators while they discuss their ideas for changing their various industries. In this episode, Du discusses the blurred line between eCommerce and commerce, the power of no-code tools, and the big picture implications of automation. 

Listen to her here: 

5. Allan Adler on the PARTNERNOMICS Podcast

Supernode speaker Allan Adler is Managing Partner and Chief Ecosystem Officer at Digital Bridge Partners Allan. He is also a world-class Ecosystems coach, consultant, and change agent. He coaches individuals, managers, and executives on utilizing partnership best practices to serve their businesses, partnerships, and the planet. He is the creator of the #GoToEcosystem Framework that guides XaaS, CEOs, and the C-Suite to unlock the potential of Ecosystem Orchestration. 

The PARTNERNOMICS Podcast is presented by partnership training company Partnernomics. The podcast highlights business growth insight from partnership leaders. In this two-parter, Adler discusses how to drive ecosystem differentiation and accelerate.

Listen to him here: 

6. Bob Moore on the PARTNERNOMICS Podcast

Supernode speaker Bob Moore is Co-Founder and CEO of Crossbeam, a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships by discovering which customers and leads they have in common. Moore previously co-founded Stitch (Acquired by Talend in 2018) and RJMetrics (acquired by Adobe by way of Magento Commerce in 2016). Moore’s writing about technology, startups, and data has appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and numerous other publications. 

In this episode of the PARTNERNOMICS Podcast, Moore discusses data privacy in account mapping solutions, the growth of “professional certifications” as alternatives to college degrees, ideal partnerships organization structures, and the high rates of turnover the partnership world saw in 2021

Listen to him here: 

7. Bob Moore on the PartnerUp podcast

Two Supernode speakers are better than one! PartnerUp is a leading partnerships podcast hosted by Supernode speaker and PartnerHacker founder Jared Fuller. Every week, Fuller hosts a partnerships expert to share insights and best practices. In this episode of the PartnerUp podcast, Moore joins Fuller to discuss what led to Moore founding Crossbeam and why he’s making a big bet on partner ecosystems.

Listen to him here:

Check out more from PartnerUp here:

8. Cristina Flaschen on the Google Cloud Platform Podcast 

Supernode speaker Cristina Flaschen is the CEO and founder of the integration marketplace platform Pandium. 

The Google Cloud Platform Podcast covers everything hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. In this episode, Flaschen discusses the handling of APIs, authentication and security, and “yes, no, and low” code approaches. 

Listen to her here: 

Listen to the full Spotify playlist here.

The Supernode YouTube playlist

Supernode is not the first speaking gig for many of our speakers. We’ve pulled some YouTube videos featuring Supernode speakers for you to check out:

1. Chris Lavoie on monetizing customer engagement

Supernode speaker Chris Lavoie is the Technology Partnerships Team Lead at Gorgias, an eCommerce SaaS platform that powers end-to-end customer experience for Dd2Cc brands. In his role, Chris seeks, launches, and scales partnerships with best-in-class ISVs that integrate with Gorgias to transform the experience of their shared users. 

You can watch Lavoie speak about monetizing your customer engagement here: 


2. Pamela Slim on her books and business coaching

Supernode speaker Pamela Slim is an award-winninger author, speaker, and business coach who works with small business owners ready to scale their businesses and IP. She is the author of Escape from Cubicle Nation (Penguin Portfolio, 2009), Body of Work (Penguin Portfolio, 2014), and The Widest Net (McGraw Hill, November 2021, winner of the Best Sales and Marketing Book of 2021 from Porchlight Books). Pam and her husband Darryl co-founded the K’é Main Street Learning Lab in Mesa, Arizona, where they host scores of diverse community leaders and regular small business programming.

Watch Slim discuss her books and business coaching insight: 

3. Sara Du on automating your eCommerce store

Du appeared on the YouTube channel Automate All Things to discuss how Alloy helps eCommerce store users automate their operations. In this video, Du shows how Alloy stands out from its competitors and demonstrates how to build automation to send all new Shopify orders to Airtable

Watch Du explain what parts of your workflows could be automated here:

4. Bob Moore on the State of the Partnership Ecosystem

In this video, Moore and Crossbeam VP of Content Sean Blanda break down the key takeaways from the Crossbeam 2022 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report. Specifically, they cover the high amount of job switching within the partner world in 2021, the impact that VC funding had on salaries, optimism about job security, org chart structure clarity, and the elusive integration business impact.

Hear about the biggest takeaways from the 2022 State of the Partner Ecosystem report here: 

5. Cristina Flaschen on being a tech CEO

In this video, Flaschen discusses her experience as a tech CEO. She shares her role, her responsibilities, and priorities. She also shares a little about her background and path to tech as well as the advice she has to other women wanting to break into the male-dominated space of tech leadership.

Watch her here:

Watch the YouTube playlist here.

The Supernode reading list

Some of our Supernode speakers have been featured by Crossbeam before. Check them out here: 

1. How Okta chooses their partners 

Supernode speaker Maureen Little is VP of Technology Partnerships at Okta where she oversees the team charged with identifying and delivering unique, high-impact technology partnerships that drive customer value. Prior to joining Okta, Maureen was a Senior VP of Business Development at Turn, a digital marketing and advertising technology company. Maureen led global partnerships across publishers, data products, and alliances. Having played a key role in some of the industry’s first real-time bidding integrations, she has expertise in customer data, analytics, and programmatic ad buying.

In this Crossbeam blog post, Little shares the process Okta uses for choosing their partners and building their integrations. She also shares insight into creative partner motions and what makes a successful partner program. 

Read the post here

2. The “Co-marketing flip” with Rollworks 

Supernode speaker Mike Stocker is currently VP, Partnerships at RollWorks, a leading Account-Based Marketing (ABM) company and a division of NextRoll, Inc. Prior to his current role, Mike served in senior partnership roles at Meta (Facebook), Vidyard, and Marketo. Mike has also founded and sold three technology startups and has been active in advising and angel investing in several successful startups. He is a member of Partnership Leaders & the Cloud Software Association. 

In this Crossbeam blog post, Stocker shares insight on how to make the “flip” from foundation to proactive co-marketing, a move that has led to hundreds of integration adopters for Rollworks. 

Read the post here

3. How Vidyard 4x’d its Partner Sourced Revenue Using Crossbeam

Supernode speaker and Senior Partnerships Manager at Alyce Alyshah Waljistarted his career in enterprise sales. His venture into partnerships began when he realized how important tech integrations were to the success of his own sales cycles. Since his start in partnerships, he’s helped define and take his tech integration programs from competitive differentiators to scalable revenue channels. He focuses his time on building a first-of-its-kind supply chain partnership, helping bring together the benefits of traditional supplier-merchant partnerships and SaaS integration partnerships. 

Prior to his role at Alyce, Walji was a Strategic Partnership Development Manager at Vidyard, a video performance software company. While in that role, Walji helped the Vidyard partner team grow their partner-influenced revenue 14x over. In this case study, Walji spoke with another Supernode speaker and Crossbeam Product Marketing Manager Jasmine Jenkins about how adopting Crossbeam facilitated this growth. 

Read the case study here

Supernode 2022 is in the books. You can read the 14 things we learned at Supernode here.

And if you’re interested in attending Supernode 2023, you can sign up for the waitlist below.

Ready for Supernode 2023?

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