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Crossbeam Raises $12.5M Series A for a Partner Success Revolution

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When it comes to partnerships, simple questions can be hard to answer. Which customers do we have in common? Are we selling into the same accounts? How can our partnerships generate more leads, help close more deals, and drive adoption?

Historically, these answers have been elusive because each side of the partnership could only see their own data. The trust, security, infrastructure, and data quality challenges that had to be solved in order to complete the picture seemed insurmountable. So partnerships were underutilized, the people that manage them were underappreciated, and data-driven workflows felt like a pipe dream.

And then we launched Crossbeam.

Crossbeam is a collaborative data platform that helps companies build more valuable partnerships. It acts as an escrow service for data, allowing companies to find overlapping customers and prospects with their partners, while keeping the rest of their data private and secure.

Since our January launch, hundreds of companies have joined the Crossbeam network and that growth is accelerating each month. These businesses are using the platform to coordinate go-to-market strategies, automate account mapping exercises, streamline workflows, and more.

Today, Buck and I are thrilled to announce that we have raised $12.5M in a Series A financing led by FirstMark Capital with participation from our existing investors First Round Capital, Uncork Capital, and Slack Fund. We also extend a warm welcome to our newest board member, FirstMark Partner Matt Turck. I’ve known Matt since the early days of my first company RJMetrics, and his deep experience as both an operator and investor in B2B software lines up perfectly with our mission and vision.

“Crossbeam resonated with me as a quintessential example of a data problem that’s poorly addressed by spreadsheets and other ad hoc solutions. As more and more businesses build the capabilities to harness and leverage their own internal data, the next stage will likely involve sharing data across organizations as a routine business practice. To be able to do that in a way that’s secure and compliant, you need specific data infrastructure, and that’s exactly what Crossbeam is building.”

— Matt Turck, Partner at FirstMark Capital

We’re also excited to bring HubSpot Ventures and Salesforce Ventures on as new investors.

“As a platform, HubSpot is partnering with thousands of companies to complement our product with a rich landscape of applications. Partnerships are core to our value proposition and partnering is intrinsic to our operations. By injecting more data into the process, Crossbeam has the potential to greatly ease the formation of new partnerships and streamline the management of existing ones for HubSpot and all SaaS companies alike.”

— Andrew Lindsay, VP of Corporate Development and Business Development at HubSpot

These iconic B2B brands are not only key tech integrations for our platform, but also partnership supernodes whose partner ecosystems — which encompass thousands of partner companies — represent the magnitude of the opportunity at hand.

“Crossbeam is taking a powerful, data-driven approach to empower companies to find overlapping customers and prospects to build more valuable partnerships. We’re excited to support Crossbeam through their next-phase of growth, and see the value the company will bring to the Salesforce ecosystem and our customers.”

— Matthew Garratt, Managing Partner at Salesforce Ventures

With this new funding, we’ll continue to grow the Crossbeam network and the value we create for our customers. It’s currently free to join and partner on Crossbeam, and paid accounts are only required for accessing data shared with your company.

We’re proudly headquartered in Philadelphia and will continue to expand both our Philly and remote teams. For more information on the company, the platform, and our open roles, check out

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