The Inside Track: Crossbeam Security 101 with CISO Chris Castaldo

Join Crossbeam’s Chief Information Security Officer Chris Castaldo for a 101-style breakdown of our security standards and data sharing controls. We’ll share answers to the most common security questions we hear from customers and show you how we embed security in everything we do.

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Presented by:

Amanda Groves

Chris Castaldo


Key Takeaways

How We’re Keeping Your Data Safe and Secure

Tour our security status portal to see which certifications, frameworks, and regulations apply to Crossbeam, and how to get compliance updates.

How to Control What Data You Share (And Who You Share it With)

Discover how multiple levels of sharing settings allow you to share as little or as much information with partners as you’re comfortable with.

A Collection of Security Resources For You and Your Partners

Know where to find Crossbeam’s security policies and terms so you can pass it on to your InfoSec team or your partners .


Amanda Groves

Director of Product Marketing, Crossbeam

Amanda Groves is the head of product marketing at Crossbeam where she is responsible for planning, creating, and implementing the overall product marketing strategy. Prior to Crossbeam, Groves has routinely launched products and held marketing leadership roles at startups across industries such as online education, healthcare, and human resources. Groves is an accomplished endurance athlete who is passionate about ultra-running, the outdoors, and environmental programs to protect and preserve our planet.

Chris Castaldo

Chief Information Security Officer, Crossbeam

Chris Castaldo is an industry recognized CISO with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity. Castaldo is an expert in building cybersecurity programs from the ground up and specializes in applying cybersecurity in start-ups from seed to exit. He is the author of “Start-up Secure: Baking Cybersecurity into your Company from Founding to Exit” and is also a Visiting Fellow at the National Security Institute (NSI) at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School.