Live Webinar

No More Silos: 4 New ways to use Partner Data

Put your account mapping data to work in the places your sales, marketing, and customer success teams work best. Learn how to get your partner data out of Crossbeam and into the tools powering your company.

Weds. June 16, 2021
1 p.m. ET

Chris Samila


Key Takeaways

Get to Know the Partner Cloud

Tour the Partner Cloud, the world’s first ecosystem revenue accelerator – featuring our integration marketplace, technology partner directory, and partner program

4 New Use Cases for Partner Data

Discover how to use partner data in your Account-Based Marketing tools, Partner Relationship Management tools, customer success experiences, and data warehouse.

Be Part of What’s Next

See what’s coming in the next wave of marketplace integrations. If your favorite tools isn’t on the list, then share your must-have for future integration releases.


Chris Samila

VP of Partnerships, Crossbeam

Chris Samila is the VP of Partnerships at Crossbeam and the Co-founder of Partnership Leaders.