on-demand Webinar

The Inside Track: Get to Know Crossbeam’s Salesforce App

The best way to get your sales team to collaborate with partners? Make partner data available where they get their work done: Salesforce.

In this webinar, we’ll teach you how to make partner insights visible in Salesforce so your sales reps know which partners can help them break into target accounts and revive stalled opportunities. You’ll also learn how other Crossbeam customers are building partner reports and tracking ecosystem revenue right within Salesforce.

Presented by:

Amanda Groves

Lindsey O’Niell


Key Takeaways

Extend Reach and Activate Sales By Using Partner Insights in All the Right Places

Learn how to use the Crossbeam widget to surface partner insights on leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities in Salesforce, and how to choose which partners and populations appear in the widget.

Show Your Sales Team How
Partners Can Influence Every Stage of Pipeline

Build custom partner reports and include details on partners, populations, partners’ account executives, and more — all by pushing partner data into a Crossbeam Overlaps custom object in Salesforce.

Borrow Proven Practices
from Other Crossbeam Customers Like You

Get a window into how other companies, like
RollWorks, Sendoso, and Vidyard, are using Crossbeam’s Salesforce app to rally their sales teams — and drive ecosystem revenue.


Amanda Groves

Director of Product Marketing, Crossbeam

Amanda Groves is the head of product marketing at Crossbeam where she is responsible for planning, creating, and implementing the overall product marketing strategy. Prior to Crossbeam, Groves has routinely launched products and held marketing leadership roles at startups across industries such as online education, healthcare, and human resources. Groves is an accomplished endurance athlete who is passionate about ultra-running, the outdoors, and environmental programs to protect and preserve our planet.

Lindsey O’Niell

Director of Product, Crossbeam

As the Head of Product at Crossbeam, Lindsey drives the vision and strategy for their partner ecosystem platform. She joined Crossbeam pre-Seed as the first product hire. Previously, she was the first hire at TrendKite, a PR ROI platform acquired by Cision for $225 Million. There she contributed to product development and later product management. Lindsey is passionate about promoting the success of women in technology.