on-demand Webinar

Demystifying Partnership KPIs: Know What to Measure & When

Put your account mapping data to work in the places your sales, marketing, and customer success teams work best. Learn how to get your partner data out of Crossbeam and into the tools powering your company.

Weds. March 24, 2021
6pm ET / 3pm PT

Sean Blanda
Director of Content

What You’ll Learn

Understand which metrics your partnership peers are held accountable for. Plus, get KPI insights from the 2021 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report, including:

Know Where to Focus

The combination of KPIs you should adopt for each stage of company growth

Ecosystem Maturity

The four phases of partner program maturity to help you benchmark your KPI planning 

Your Next KPI is…

The KPI heat map that reveals when to introduce KPIs according to company size


Sean Blanda

Director of Content, Crossbeam