4 Easy Account Mapping Wins

Crossbeam’s VP of Content Sean Blanda and VP of Partnerships Chris Samila walk through four ways to land partnership revenue using real-time account mapping in Crossbeam.

You’ll learn best practices for account mapping (based on thousands of successful Crossbeam users) and the step-by-step instructions for running reports and setting up workflows.

The discussion covers a variety of use cases, including building integrations, strategizing your co-marketing plays, accelerating deals, and filling up your pipeline.


  • 2:06: Answers to the most common account mapping questions
  • 3:11: Account mapping best practices
  • 3:25: Best practice #1: Connecting a data source to Crossbeam
  • 3:53: Best practice #2: Setting up standard populations in Crossbeam
  • 5:06: Best practice #3: Sharing fields in Crossbeam
  • 6:56: Common partner objections and how to solve them
  • 11:00: Easy Win #1: Retention and Vetting
  • 21:00: Easy Win #2: Pipeline Review
  • 27:06: Easy Win #3: Deal Acceleration
  • 32:40: Easy Win #4: Net New Opportunities