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🎉 Crossbeam is now located at

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Last year, when my daughter was born, there was a lot to do. We prepared a nursery, took dozens of parenting classes, and filled out pages of paperwork. Then, when we finally met our daughter and decided on her name, I had one more task to complete. Once she and her mother drifted off to sleep that first night, I popped open my laptop and scooped up the dot-com domain for her name (which was miraculously available). 

When I tell people this, reactions range from “that’s so cute” to “how long has it been since you last saw your therapist?”

I get it. It’s a little weird. It’s just a parked domain for now, and I’ll be content if that’s all she ever wants to do with it. But I want her to have the option, and there is just nothing so sweet as having a clean dot-com domain as your own little corner of the internet.

Which brings me to Crossbeam. I love our company’s name. The construction metaphor fits perfectly in a world of data “warehouses” and cloud “infrastructure.” A deeper meaning sits beneath the surface when you consider beams of light: If you “cross” beams containing different colors, a third unique color emerges that could not be seen before. These beautiful additive properties are the currency of our business.

Bobs-VennWhen this name bubbled up to the surface, it resonated so well that I overlooked a major shortcoming: the domain name was not available, and it was owned by a huge corporation. So we instead planted our flag at, where our whole online world has existed since our launch.

Until today.

I’m thrilled to announce that we are now the proud owners of, and we have migrated all of our marketing assets, subdomains (including this blog!), email addresses, and collateral accordingly.

You will also now find us on Twitter at @Crossbeam.

Redirects and forwarding rules exist so you’ll never get mixed up, but going forward the domain and @getcrossbeam Twitter handle will only live in our memories. (Our app still resides at but will be migrated as part of an upcoming engineering sprint.)

If you encounter any issues whatsoever, please reach out to (wow that looks so much better) or via your preferred support channel.

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