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How to Partner With Me: Zylo’s Natalie Boone

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“How to partner with me” is a series where we explore the inner workings of partner programs to help you better understand how to partner with them. Read previous entrants Typeform and Zapier.

Ever do a year-end review or financial audit and discover some subscription you’ve long-since forgotten?

In enterprise businesses dozens of people have access to the company card. Which means SaaS application subscriptions and payments can balloon (and be forgotten) quickly. Zylo is a tool to help companies manage their tech subscriptions—and they’re looking for partners. Or as the internet in 2008 might say:

“We asked one company how many applications they had, and they estimated 300. We did our discovery and came back with 1,200,” says Natalie Boone, Alliances Manager at Zylo. “That’s always a jaw-dropping moment for a company.”

The latest in our How to Partner with Me series, we asked Boone what she’s looking for and about the benefits of SaaS management. 

Edited for length and clarity

At its heart, Zylo… helps your I.T. department move from being the police to being an enabler of the business. I.T. managers can use us to see software usage as well as what they are spending.


We’re looking for…. solutions partners. Like service providers, referrals, and resellers. We’re in a new category of “SaaS management” so we’re partnering with consultants that provide services on top of our offer. While Software Asset Management (SAM) isn’t going way, you shouldn’t use a SAM provider to manage SaaS That’s where we come in. We’re working with consultants to help organizations understand their overall tech landscape — inclusive of SaaS.

On the integrations side, we’re looking for… CRMs, file use and storage technologies, and the companies that have multiple subscriptions, like Adobe. We also have a lot of data on what items are the largest spend. So we adjust our strategy based on application spend and management effort for our customers.

The benefit to our partners is… based on application spend and management effort for our customers. For your technology partners, we can also show which tools are being used in an organization, and theoretically, our partners could see that and engulf those other solutions. 

One thing that we do that is unique is … we craft the go-to-market strategy for each partner. SaaS Management is new, but we have a sophisticated partner program. We have a program guide, deal registration, Lessonlys, and marketing materials.

In the next month, our partner program will … launch its application catalog. We’re showing employees what software is available to them and they can request access to software through our platform. We also surface recommendations so you can make sure your company is fully utilizing its tech stack.

You can partner with Zylo by visiting its partner page


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