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No More Silos: Crossbeam’s Integration Marketplace Is Here

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Here at Crossbeam, we’ve spent the last three years laser-focused on creating the most popular and secure real-time partner ecosystem platform around. From the newest startups to Fortune 50 companies, Crossbeam data is fueling some of the world’s most successful partner ecosystems.

But what would happen if all of that ecosystem data could also empower the rest of the org chart—not only the partnerships team? 

Today we are rolling out the next phase of our Partner Cloud: the Crossbeam Integration Marketplace, a new ecosystem revenue accelerator. 

(Browse all available Crossbeam integrations here.)

Armed with partner data, partner leaders can now impact every part of the customer and partner journeys, take on new and powerful decision-making roles, execute on their growth strategies, and more accurately measure success.

Partner data that previously was only used for account mapping can now be routed to all kinds of services allowing partner professionals to support Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and much more impacting all stages of the partner lifecycle.

Partner Cloud Lifecycle Imagery (1)


  • Partner data for Communications: Pipe Crossbeam insights and activities outside of Crossbeam where you already work for continuous collaboration with partners.
  • Partner data for Data Warehouses: Create transparency and enrich sales and marketing systems with automated access to partner data for analysis, decisions, and visualization.
  • Partner data for Partner relationship management (PRMs): Automatically push partner data into PRMs for synchronized bulk deal registration and collaboration with partners in one organized place.

Crossbeam’s Partner Cloud can go beyond helping your organization engage with its partners — it can help you and your partners with all stages of the B2B go-to-market lifecycle. As a partner professional, you can now share your insights (and your partners’ insights) with your team to level up their work.


  • Partner data for Marketing Automation. Send ultra-targeted campaigns to a list of your overlapping customers, opportunities, or prospects.
  • Partner data for Customer Success. Give your CS team a bird’s-eye-view of your customer’s tech stacks so they can suggest the next integration and decrease churn.
  • Partner data for Sales Engagement. Automatically flag accounts where a partner could deliver a warm intro and share it in your CRM of choice.

Partner Cloud Lifecycle Imagery

This is just the start. Keep an eye on our Integration Marketplace for even more integrations in the coming weeks. 

Browse the Integration Marketplace here

Or, navigate directly to the integration of your choice below:

Account-Based Marketing (ABM):


Communications Software:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Customer Success:

Data Privacy Management

Data Warehouse:

Lead Enrichment and Registration:

Marketing Automation:

Partner Relationship Management (PRM):

Project Management:

Sales Engagement:


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