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Announcing “Threads”: Real-Time Collaboration With Your Partners

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Here at Crossbeam, we spend each day making tools to help you surface more data from your partnership ecosystem. But to impact your business, that data needs to be made actionable. That’s why we’re amped to announce our latest evolution. We call it “Threads.”

Threads are spaces in Crossbeam where you can collaborate in real-time with your partners. Spin up a thread any time you have an overlap with a partner and communicate directly in Crossbeam to take action. 


We’re putting an end to confusing email chains and shared spreadsheets—keeping everything you need to track the impact of your partner ecosystem in one place. That’s more data and insights that you can use to serve customers, close deals, and influence revenue. 

We’ve already seen customers use threads to:

  • Exchange leads – Use the discussion to request a warm introduction into one of your target accounts that overlap with your partner’s customers. Or offer to assist on an account your partner is chasing.
  • Get inside info – Having trouble selling into a certain company? Find who in your partner ecosystem has an “in”, and ask for more info directly in threads.
  • Plan joint demos and co-selling motions – Hop onto a thread of a shared opportunity and discuss your game plan for co-selling.
  • Encourage partner reciprocity – Keep track of the number of intros received versus given to keep things on an even footing.

With threads, you’ll be able to take action on your partner ecosystem data and keep track of when partner managers help influence deals.

Threads screenshot

To get started, visit the new threads page in your Crossbeam account or click on the “threads” icon in the new navigation bar. You can get a self-guided step by step on how they work in our help center, or email us to get a custom walkthrough.

We’ll be rolling out more threads features to make them even more powerful in the coming months like creating threads in Slack and automatic attribution for introductions. 

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