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11 Reasons You Should Attend Supernode

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Mark your calendars for May 17-18 and book a flight to Philadelphia for Supernode, Crossbeam’s first annual conference. The two-ish day partnership conference is for those who grow and scale partner ecosystem — the perfect event if you enjoy this blog. 

We get it, it’s been a while since you’ve attended an IRL event. Here are 11 more reasons why you should grab your tickets today (feel free to forward along to whoever approves your conference and travel budgets!):

  1. This event is solely for partnership professionals. No more parsing through event attendees to find the handful of your peers to network with. At Supernode, every one of the 200+ attendees is a potential partner. 
  2. One of the best ways to accelerate your partner program is by adopting tried and true best practices from your peers. (It’s why we send out our best insights weekly directly to your inbox). Supernode will feature 13 keynotes on Ecosystem Ops, the art of partnerships, the future of the ecosystem, and much much more.
  3. You will get to hear from speakers at the top of the partnership game including
    • Allan Adler, Managing Partner, Digital Bridge Partners
    • Lindsey DeFalco, VP of Product, Crossbeam
    • Sara Du, CEO & Co-Founder, Alloy Automation
    • Jared Fuller, Co-Founder, PartnerHacker Daily
    • Chelsea Graham, Partner Sales Executive, Highspot
    • Cristina Flaschen, CEO, Pandium
    • Lisa Hopkins, Head of Partnerships, Amplitude
    • Brian Jambor, Head of Partnerships, Nacelle
    • Jasmine Jenkins, Product Marketing Manager, Crossbeam
    • Chris Lavoie, Technology Partnerships Team Lead, Gorgias
    • Maureen Little, VP, Technology Partnerships, Okta
    • Bob Moore, CEO, Crossbeam
    • Pamela Slim, Co-Founder, Main Street Learning Lab
    • Mike Stocker, VP, Partnerships, RollWorks
    • Barbara Treviño, Senior Partner Operations Manager, Seismic
    • Alyshah Waliji, Sr. Partnerships Manager, Alyce
    • Sarah Wang, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  1. No screens. This event isn’t “hybrid” – we’ve had enough of Zoom. A trip to the City of Brotherly Love with your partnership friends might be just what you need to re-inspire and energize yourself.
  2. 70% of attendees are Director level and above — the decision-makers in your ecosystem will be at Supernode.
  3. This isn’t a normal “never leave the hotel” conference. After the first day of talks we’ll split up into smaller groups and you’ll get to spend a night out in the town at Philly’s finest restaurants and bars. That means eating this:

Courtesy of Sampan Instagram

Or maybe this

Courtesy of Guisesppe and Sons 

7. Philadelphia is the home of the computer, with the first one being built in 1946. Sounds like a pretty serendipitous place to find your next tech partner…

8. In addition to speakers, there will be actionable workshops each attendee can select. Get the lowdown on advanced Crossbeam tactics or learn how to properly message your partnership wins to your executive team — we promise you’ll leave with a full notebook. 

9. Matisse. Saurat. Renoir. Degas. These are just a few of the artists with work on display at the Barnes Foundation museum, the location for the Supernode closing party. Celebrate new friendships and partnerships over beverages and in front of artistic masterpieces. 

Courtesy of The Barnes Foundation

10. Believe it or not, 2022 is flying by. Mid-May is the perfect time to get inspiration from speakers and peers that can be incorporated into your Q3 and Q4 strategy. 

11. Get help onboarding the new partners you meet at Supernode on Crossbeam with help from Crossbeam experts. Our “Beam Bar” will be open all conference long to help make sure the connections you make in Philly live on in your Crossbeam ecosystem.

Supernode 2022 has since come to an end. You can check out the 14 things we learned at Supernode here.

Want to attend Supernode 2023? Snag a spot on the waitlist below to be the first to know when tickets go on sale.

Ready for Supernode 2023?

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