Responsible Disclosure


At Crossbeam trust is a core value of our business and, in service of this value, Crossbeam maintains mature cybersecurity and privacy programs to safeguard our websites and our services. Crossbeam does not offer a public bug bounty program.

Do not conduct any activity that could impact production systems
Do not disclose or attempt to disclose Personal Data or Confidential Information as defined by the Terms of Service
Do not conduct any denial of service testing
Do not engage in social engineering against Crossbeam employees or customers

Reporting a vulnerability

If you believe you’ve discovered a vulnerability on any production system such as,, or you may send this information to and we will investigate promptly. You may not receive a response.

Please include as much detail and information as possible as to successfully reproduce and verify your finding.

Compensation and recognition

Crossbeam does not offer a public bug bounty program and does not provide or guarantee any compensation for information provided.