2023 State of the Partner Ecosystem

Is “partner-sourced revenue” still trending, despite lowered revenue targets in 2022? Are webinars still the hippest GTM motion? Are Europe and the U.S. becoming partnerships-obsessed at the same pace? 

If only there was a tabloid covering the partnerships world. 

We’ve got something better. 

The 2023 State of the Partner Ecosystem Report compiles data from 526 partnership and GTM leaders globally to reveal: 

  • The most and least popular KPIs in partnerships — and if the saying “You can’t measure what you don’t manage” rings true 
  • How B2B companies are adjusting their revenue and lead gen targets — including which company sizes are now held accountable for more, and which are held accountable for less 
  • How total compensation for partnership professionals compares across seniority levels, geographies, and gender

Did you know? US partnership salaries, on average, rose by $18K since 2021. Sorry, we love a good spoiler.

Plus, we’ve analyzed four years of data to put it all into context. Download the State of the Partner Ecosystem Report here. 👉


Exact salary targets for partnership professionals by location and seniority:

(Fast fact: The average compensation for a VP in partnerships is $237K.)


KPI insights you can use to forecast what to measure and when:

(Fast fact: Partner-sourced revenue has regained its popularity as the most common KPI.)