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Don’t integrate with an email service provider off of a hunch. Get up to speed with data-driven insights and perspectives from industry insiders. Download the free guidebook.

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In The Book

This Ecosystem Guidebook lays out the opportunities, trends, and considerations for partner professionals looking to build an email integration—including an analysis of 32 email service provider companies and partnership insights from those in the trenches.

Skip the discovery phase:

A big-picture view of the email service provider ecosystem, plus an analysis of 32 companies and their partner ecosystems.

Learn where to start:

Explore the six categories of the email service provider ecosystem, and plan precisely where you should enter the market.

Peer into the future:

Dive into the four ecosystem trends that partner professionals must know to thrive.

Must-know insights from industry insiders:

Get perspectives from long-time ecosystem members on the state (and future) of the email space.

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