Crossbeam Subprocessors

Last Modified: July 9, 2024

A subprocessor is a legal entity that Crossbeam (or as applicable, Reveal SAS) engages to perform specific functions, as described below. Subprocessors have, or may have, access to Customer Data as-needed to perform these functions.

Company NameDescriptionLocation
Amazon Web ServicesCloud hosting and infrastructure providerUnited States
Datadog, Inc.Log processing for debugging, troubleshooting, auditing, reporting, and detecting and alerting on application behaviorUnited States
Confluent, Inc.Managed event streaming platform (Kafka)United States
MongoDB Atlas (MongoDB, Inc.)Cloud database providerUnited States
Tray.ioCloud-based integration serviceUnited States
Reveal SASAffiliateFrance
SendgridCloud-based service for transactional email deliveryUnited States

*Content Delivery Networks (each a “CDN”)  are utilized to optimize content delivery for the Service. CDNs are commonly used systems of distributed services that expedite the transmission of content. The CDN may process data in any country, regardless of a Customer’s location, to better support end-users of the Service.

Reveal Subprocessors

Company NameDescriptionLocation
Google Cloud PlatformCloud hosting and infrastructure providerBelgium for zonal resources and Europe for regional resources
MongoDBCloud database providerBelgium
Crossbeam, Inc.AffiliateUnited States
SendgridCloud-based service for transactional email deliveryUnited States