For Sales Teams: ELG Certification bootcamp

Master the fundamentals of Ecosystem-Led Growth

Is your Sales team ready for what’s next? Keep their skills fresh and pipeline fueled with the Ecosystem-Led Growth Certification Bootcamp. With certifications in hand, you’ll be ready to build a repeatable, efficient, and successful ELG engine.

exclusive certification for Crossbeam’s supernode sales teams

Make partner ecosystems your competitive edge

Getting started

ELG training that’s purpose-built for your sales team

This isn’t your grandma’s training course. Tune in for 90 minutes of immersive content that’s purpose-built to train your sellers on the new era of ecosystem-based sales. The ELG Certification Bootcamp will help your team walk away synchronized, certified, and ready to start implementing ELG plays.

Immersive learning paths

Choose your own adventure

Let your learners take the lead. Upon getting certified, your sellers will unlock additional play-specific badges in Crossbeam Academy. These ELG deep dives allow your reps to customize, achieve, and expand on their ideal growth paths (on their own time).

Easy implementation

Let us take on the heavy lifting

We know change isn’t easy. That’s why we built the ELG Certification Bootcamp. Enroll your sellers and let us train them up on industry best practices. They’ll walk away excited, empowered, and ready to sell with the benefit of your partner ecosystem at their fingertips.

Getting your sales team certified is easy.

Send your friendly Crossbeam CSM a note and they’ll get you started.

Turn your ecosystem into your #1 revenue source

Get started in under a minute. Instantly capture insights from your partners. Identify more opportunities. Did we mention it’s free?