Crossbeam & Reveal Merger FAQs

I’m currently on both platforms, what will happen? 

In the near term, both products will continue to exist and function as always. Whether you are on our free or our paid tiers, you’ll be able to sign in, access data, and collaborate with your partners as you do today across the two separate networks. Ensuring your business continuity is our number one priority.

Our long term goal is to unite all of our customers into one platform:

  • Crossbeam’s backend will host both networks, supported by its well established security, flexibility, and enterprise-readiness.
  • We’ll be incorporating the best parts of the awesome Reveal user experience into a unified frontend user experience. 
  • Everyone will be able to partner with everyone. Finally. 

When will I have access to the unified network?

Customers already using Crossbeam exclusively won’t have to do anything as our new unified platform will be built on Crossbeam’s network data model. For all others, we will gradually support transitioning users (and their partners) over time. We fully appreciate the value and complexity of partner ecosystems and we plan to provide ample support and resources to avoid unnecessary friction. 

Stay tuned for updated timeframes and details from our newly combined team.

I am currently paying for one or both platforms, what should I do?

Your existing relationship (whether with Crossbeam or with Reveal) will continue as is and there will be no surprise changes to your service. In the coming months, your account team will work collaboratively with you to make sure you continue to get maximum value from the upcoming platform improvements, new product innovations, and unified network.

I was about to purchase one of the platforms, should I wait?

No. This is the best time ever to onboard as a paying customer. In addition to still being able to access the full value of the purchase you planned to make, you will also experience the benefits of our upcoming platform improvements, new product innovations, and unified network.

Will I get to keep my current account team?

We will do our best so that both companies’ Customer Success, Account Management and Sales teams stay onboard with their accounts to help support all our collective customers. Most customers will have total continuity on their account teams — plus the added bonus of more resources and expertise on our combined customer-facing teams overall. 

I want to share the news, how can I go about it?

If you are as excited about the news as we are, please feel free to share publicly by linking to the announcement from our two founders: 

What will happen to Ecosystem-Led Growth and Nearbound? 

Let’s be honest: To most people, these two terms mean the same thing. Continuing to promote both with their existing definitions would be confusing and redundant, but at the same time they have both found success in building a loyal following and recognition — making an effort to scrub one from the planet seems brash. Our plan is to keep both alive but have them coexist in harmony rather than competition, as detailed below. 

What’s next for Ecosystem-Led Growth?

  • The technology category and strategic philosophy will be known as Ecosystem-Led Growth.
  • Ecosystem-Led Growth is a go-to-market motion that focuses on partner ecosystems as the primary way to attract, convert, and grow customer relationships.
  • Crossbeam is an ELG platform.
  • The ELG Alliance is a network of companies who subscribe to the philosophy of ELG as the most prolific and efficient growth strategy for modern companies. 
  • The playbooks involving creating specific outcomes in your revenue funnel are “ELG Plays” or “ELG Playbooks.” 

What’s next for Nearbound?

  • “Nearbound strategy” will be synonymous with ELG strategy and accepted as a legitimate alternate term.
  • The existing Nearbound newsletter and blog will be merged into a unified content offering at ELG Insider — more on that to come.
  • Jared Fuller and Isaac Morehouse, the brilliant and prolific founders of PartnerHacker and previous operators of, will be transitioning on to new opportunities after the merger completes. We thank and applaud them for their incredible work in bringing this category to life. 

What’s your next event as a combined company?

We are excited to get together with everyone in person. The immediate next opportunity is at our ELG Conference in London on July 9th. Bob Moore and Simon Bouchez will be joining live on stage for the first time to share stories and insights about the merger. On the occasion of the news, we’ve brought up our early bird price for the next few days, so, if you haven’t RSVP’d yet, please do so here with the special ELGVIP code.

What else do I need to know?

We will be communicating regularly and often over the coming weeks to make sure every customer is kept informed of the exciting things that are happening. If there are immediate questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the normal channels.