Get more done with your partners, sales reps, and marketing teams with Crossbeam for Slack.

"Crossbeam's platform is a game changer for the way we do business within our partner ecosystem."

Mike Yakovlev
Manager of Technology Alliances

Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that empowers organizations to better understand their customers.

Using Crossbeam, Zendesk has:

  • Generated new pipeline
  • Sourced attributable revenue from technology partners for the first time
  • Saved hours no longer manually managing spreadsheets

Bottom line: Crossbeam has enabled a mature partner organization to source even more leads and potential deals.

Mike Yakovlev Manager of Technology Alliances

Meet Mike

The Manager of Technology Alliances, Mike is responsible for managing and maintaining a portion of Zendesk's 1000+ technology partnerships.

How Mike Uses Crossbeam

Getting the State of the Union

"Before Crossbeam, I would get a partner's full customer list as a spreadsheet with 600-700 rows and mark off who was our customer. That was a nightmare. With Crossbeam that data was available much more quickly with far less manual intervention."

Arming His Sales Team with Ecosystem Qualified Leads

"We used Crossbeam to create a list of our prospects overlapped with our partner's customers. We then narrowed down the ones we wanted to talk to and now we have those introductions all teed up for the next quarter. If you speak to sales reps in dollar signs, they will listen. That's what Crossbeam allows the partnerships team to do."

Getting Up-to-Date Visibility

"With Crossbeam, it's validating to see the number of overlaps we have with a partner and realize should be working with them more. We weren't able to do these things without Crossbeam because we didn't have the data, I didn't have the time to manually sift through the data for 100 partners."

Keeping Partnerships Bi-Directional

"Our partnerships used to be one-sided. But now, using Crossbeam, our partners can easily loop us into new opportunities. As those deals close, I can start to think about justifying more headcount for partnerships. I was flying blind before Crossbeam."

"The opportunity is tremendous. I plan on eventually expanding Crossbeam to our implementation and channel partners."

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