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Case Study - Uberflip | Personalize Content Experiences at Scale

Crossbeam transformed the way Uberflip generates leads and revenue from their partner program, increasing accuracy, and shortening sales cycles.

About Uberflip

Uberflip is a Content Experience Platform that enables marketers to create digital experiences with content for every stage of the buyer journey.

Uberflip was already using partnerships to drive new revenue, but once they started using Crossbeam they were able to take it to the next level — and be much more accurate in doing so.

James King Strategic Alliances Manager

Meet James

To say James wears many hats in the partnership program at Uberflip is an understatement — he leads the go-to-market strategy for some of their most influential partners, including finding co-marketing opportunities, running sales enablement, helping open and upsell opportunities and more, all in the name of generating new leads and revenue for both Uberflip and their partners.

With that huge scope of responsibility, James and his team found themselves stretched thin while trying to meet their goals.

Uberflip & Crossbeam

When one of James’ partners invited him to Crossbeam for an account mapping exercise, he was skeptical of having yet another tool to use. But once he saw how quick and accurate Crossbeam was, he knew it was a game changer — and he agrees with what his partner said initially: “Crossbeam is the best way to do account mapping”. Now he lets the numbers speak for themselves.

"We were able to exceed our partner-referred lead target by 20%, and it’s not even the end of our quarter."
"Our old method of matching accounts was accurate about half the time — now it’s closer to 99% of the time."

With a whole ecosystem of his partners now on Crossbeam, James is able to immediately connect the right people on both sides, cut out unnecessary back-and-forth emails, and turn around results on demand. On top of it all, Crossbeam lets him go out of his way to line up more marketing opportunities for his partners proactively, further strengthening his partner relationships.

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