Get more done with your partners, sales reps, and marketing teams with Crossbeam for Slack.

"15% of our current pipeline can be attributed to Crossbeam."

Alex Richards
Head of Partnerships and Sales Engineering

Stella Connect is a customer feedback and quality management platform built specifically for customer experience teams. Their platform makes it easy to harness customer feedback after every interaction to deliver high-impact coaching for CX teams to drive customer satisfaction.

Using Crossbeam, Stella Connect has:

  • Sourced 15% of new opportunities via its partner ecosystem
  • Accelerated their partner go-to-market timeline from months to weeks
  • Expanded its footprint within target enterprise accounts

Bottom line: Crossbeam has enabled this 50-person startup to deliver tremendous value to its much larger corporate partners, all while helping to fill Stella Connect's sales pipeline.

Alex Richards Head of Partnerships and Sales Engineering

Meet Alex

As the head of partnerships and sales engineering, Alex Richards is spearheading Stella Connect's partnership programs - including affiliates, technology partners, and resellers.

How Alex Uses Crossbeam

Being a Good Partner

"We work with one very large partner with the potential to help us grow our business with account mapping. By using Crossbeam, we can send lots of opportunities their way and help them acquire and grow new business. Now we're one of their top tier partners. We're a 53-person startup and we're a more lucrative strategic partner to them than some of the larger, more established companies in their program!"

Streamlining the Partner Workflow

"Prior to Crossbeam, we'd have to lean on someone just to do data management. It was a complete nightmare. I'm so tired of manually entering stuff into people's partner portal. So I tell them to get on Crossbeam. No more triple data entry."

Expanding Into Target Accounts

"In one of our key accounts, we are only serving one part of their business. We've long wanted to acquire another part of that organization so we looked in Crossbeam to our partners that have a relationship with them. We got a warm intro into the other part of the organization and within a few days, had a meeting. Before, it would be the sales teams trading emails forever without any tracking, requiring a lot of time and resources. Crossbeam allows us to work smarter, not harder."

Keeping the Entire Company Focused

"For a year we were working out what prospects we should be targeting. After one month of using Crossbeam, we are able to get a really clear picture of who we should be going after and why—even down to specific companies. We now know the ideal go-to-market strategy and the warm intros to ask for."

Advocating Internally for Possible Partners

"Crossbeam has allowed us to realize there are other partners we should be working with that maybe we were not convinced by at first. So we join with them in Crossbeam, see the overlaps, and now we have proof to validate that they would be a good partner."

Alex is using Crossbeam to provide immediate value to potential partners. As a result, this one-person partnership org is responsible for nearly one-sixth of his company's sales pipeline.

"With some partners, we had a relationship for more than a year with little movement. But then we got them onto Crossbeam and we began executing within 2-4 weeks."

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