"Crossbeam did a fantastic job anticipating our privacy needs. They have their act together."

Vasanth Matamudra
Director, Product Strategy

RingCentral brings your team and customers together with its complete, global cloud communications and collaboration solution.

Using Crossbeam, RingCentral has:

  • Quickly moved through its infosec and legal processes
  • Begun to determine the penetration of existing integrations

Bottom line: Thanks to documentation such as our SOC 2 Type II report, Crossbeam quickly met and surpassed this large and complex organization's most rigorous security standards.

Vasanth Matamudra Director, Product Strategy

Meet Vasanth

Vasanth is responsible for driving strategy for the ISV alliances team at RingCentral.

How Vasanth uses Crossbeam

Moving Quickly Through Security Review

"Our privacy council wanted Crossbeam to fill out two forms, and Crossbeam returned them in short order. Crossbeam did a fantastic job anticipating our privacy needs and having a process around that. When we spoke to our sales ops, privacy, and IT teams, there was a very clear value proposition I was able to explain — and they bought in within 10 minutes."

Focusing on His Job, Not Wrangling Legal Documents

"I was happy that Crossbeam was so thorough with its security certifications. I was afraid it might get lost in a documentation rabbit hole but it did not. I didn’t want to get caught in the nuances of a conversation between my legal team and a vendor. Overall, it was a great experience. For every input I requested, the output came quickly."

Elevating the Importance of His Team

"As we look at the strategy for the next one-to-three years, some of the questions my team was not previously able to answer, we are now able to measure. We now are beginning to know the adoption rate of all partner integrations because of Crossbeam. I can explain that to the C-suite."

Finding New Revenue With Existing Integrations

"Everybody wants new customers and more revenue. The gold standard of what we’ve done is people using our integrations. We’re starting to be able to find a ratio of how many people could be using it versus actually using it."

"I can’t believe how fundamental and how cool Crossbeam has been. I am surprised this was not always there. It’s like, 'How was life before Google Maps? The iPhone?'"

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