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Customer Case Studies Hundreds of companies use Crossbeam to bring their partnerships to the next level. Here are a few great examples.

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Chorus used Crossbeam to improve its events, account mapping, and integration adoption. See how Richard was able to replicate the work of a much larger partnership team.

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Dialpad was able to move quickly and source $500K in new deals using Crossbeam.

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FullStory streamlines its ecosystem operations using Crossbeam to swap dozens of leads with its partners and to quickly map and vet potential partners.

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Crossbeam was introduced at Guru as a way to increase collaboration with key partners. The setup was a fast and intuitive process for their revenue ops team, making the path to partnership success a short and efficient one.

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Originally brought on for account mapping, Crossbeam turned out to be a Swiss Army knife for Heap’s partnership program, allowing the small team to provide valuable intelligence to marketing, unblock late stage deals, prioritize partner integrations, and more.

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Crossbeam quickly passed RingCentral’s privacy and security requirements to get its integrations team the data it needs.

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Crossbeam’s account mapping features changed the partnership game for Sendoso. Now they can bring on new partners and better manage existing ones, all while spending far less time in the weeds.

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Stella Connect

Stella Connect uses Crossbeam to stop wasting time with dead-end partnerships and focus on the most valuable relationships. Now, Stella Connect's partnership ecosystem is responsible for 15% of Stella Connect's sales pipeline.

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Crossbeam transformed the way Uberflip generates leads and revenue from their partner program, increasing accuracy and shortening sales cycles.

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Zendesk uses Crossbeam to source Ecosystem Qualified Leads and unearth brand new revenue streams from its 1,000+ technology partnerships.

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