Crossbeam Subprocessors

Last Modified: March 4, 2019

A subprocessor is a legal entity that Crossbeam engages to perform specific functions, as described below. Subprocessors have, or may have, access to customer data as-needed to perform these functions.

In accordance with our commitment to customer data privacy and security, and GDPR standards, Crossbeam keeps an up-to-date list of subprocessors that we engage. We perform diligence to ensure GDPR compliance for each subprocessor with whom we engage. We will proactively notify customers when there is a change to this list, and will provide context as to what data processing they perform on Crossbeam's behalf.

Company Name Description
Amazon Web Services Cloud service provider
Auth0 User sign-in and authentication
FullStory User experience analytics
Google, Inc. Cloud service provider
Hubspot CRM and marketing automation
Redash Data Analytics Syncing client CRM data
Sentry Error tracking
Stitch ETL data platform