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What is Account Mapping?

Account mapping is the practice of matching your company’s accounts (leads, opportunities, and customers) against those of your partners. When a match is found, information is shared to help both companies build a more valuable joint relationship with that account. This is sometimes called co-selling or cross-selling.

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Generate new leads.

Unearth new sales opportunities and build a healthy pipeline of Ecosystem Qualified Leads (EQLs) by aligning your sales reps with their counterparts in your partner ecosystem.

Accelerate existing opportunities.

Align sales pipelines with your partners to find opportunities to co-sell, cross-sell, or highlight product integrations. Use partner data and intelligence to stay one step ahead of deal requirements and questions.

Warm up cold conversations.

Compare cold leads and stalled opportunities to your partners' existing customers and warm relationships. Enlist their help in moving your deals forward.

Have total control of your data.

Refine your data sets down to just the accounts that matter, and customize data sharing rules so that your partners only see what you want them to see.

Stay updated in Slack & Salesforce.

Get notified in Slack if there is a change in your partners’ relationships and take action right away. Or push the data to Salesforce for use in reports and automations.

Know instantly.

New overlaps get created every day. Track them in real-time and use email alerts to notify your reps or trigger other actions.

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