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Instant Account Mapping Map your accounts with the most up-to-date data in minutes, not days. No more spreadsheets.

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Once connected, Crossbeam will keep your overlapping data totally up-to-date. Collaborate directly in Crossbeam to get introductions to warm leads by partners.

Generate new leads.

Unearth new sales opportunities and build a healthy pipeline of Ecosystem Qualified Leads (EQLs).

Get a warm intro.

Compare cold leads and stalled opportunities to your partner’s existing customers. Enlist their help in moving your deals forward.

Stay updated in Slack & Salesforce.

Get notified in Slack if there is a change in your partner’s relationships and take action right away. Or update the record automatically in Salesforce.

Know instantly.

New overlaps get created every day. Track them in real-time and use email alerts to notify your reps or trigger other actions.

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