Get more done with your partners, sales reps, and marketing teams with Crossbeam for Slack.

Crossbeam works where you work. We pull data from the systems you already use and push results where you need them most.

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Data Sources

Crossbeam automatically syncs data from the most common systems of record about customers and sales prospects.

These include CRMs, marketing automation systems, billing platforms, and data warehouses. We also support CSV uploads.

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Data Destinations

Crossbeam users can push insights back into the systems where they already work.

Salesforce App

In just a few clicks, Crossbeam for Salesforce will integrate with your Crossbeam account—and all of the partners, accounts, and overlaps it contains. Surface all partner data directly in your CRM to put intelligence in the hands of your sellers without requiring them to log into a new platform.

Commonly used for Account Mapping exercises in which sales reps need to track account ownership across company lines.

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Crossbeam for Slack

Receive customizable alerts about new overlaps, partner invitations, and more via Slack.

Make your shared Slack channels more effective by automating alerts about shared leads and customers.

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Our REST API allows enterprise customers to programmatically retrieve data and insights from Crossbeam for use in their own systems.

Access our API documentation to learn more.

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